“It was time to step away from being responsible for everything in the business. Valeri helped me bring in systems and technology. Now I have my life back!”

Nicole Meltzer
Co-creator, Balanced Body Mind Spirit Founder & Director, Balanced U Academy

“Before working with Valeri I was Chief Bottleneck. Now we’re ready to move to more virtual work where my team will work off-site and we’ll be networked through common systems and a project management hub.”

Randal Boutilier
Principal, Creative Director, 12Thirteen Design

“We went from things in my head and on different spreadsheets to a series of systems and processes that allowed me to see my business more clearly than I ever had before.”

Cathy Mann
Owner, Cathy Mann & Associates

“My business today is completely different. I have an office, clients and I’m making the money that I want to make. None of it would have happened if I hadn’t done the work with Valeri.”

Janine Harris
Owner & Executive Producer, Keyring Media