Ready to transform the way you work?

Break Busy. Work Powerfully.

Create more joy and impact with every minute of your day.

Ready to enjoy your business again?

Great! Because bringing harmony to your work and kicking “the hard way” to the curb is how a business is built to SOAR.

And you are ready to soar UP!

So you can do less. And be more.

We’re talking about breaking unhelpful habits, finding your FLOW, and developing the signature system that streamlines your offerings to feel amazing to deliver.

Oh Yes! You’re allowed!

It’s time to design your elegant, meaningful, small and mighty business to run like a well oiled machine without burning you out.

Because what protects your energy (like offloading all that busy work!) protects the work you so love to do.

So you can be in your brilliance with ease and elegance.

Goodbye “DIY”. Hello Focused Entrepreneur.

“Valeri helped me put my own business first… and if I put my energy into my business, that is going to serve my clients as well.”

Lisa Chicules
Lisa Chicules Consulting

“Now, I do 50% less work and I make 100% more money.”

Chris Graham

“We built out specific business development ideas. She holds me accountable on each call. She has gotten me comfortable in thinking about business development, and building my confidence up again.”

Jamie Keenan
Wealth Advisor & Associate Portfolio Manager, BMO Nesbitt Burns

“It was time to step away from being responsible for everything in the business. Valeri helped me bring in systems and technology. Now I have my life back!”

Nicole Meltzer
Co-creator, Balanced Body Mind Spirit Founder & Director, Balanced U Academy

“Before working with Valeri I was Chief Bottleneck. Now we’re ready to move to more virtual work where my team will work off-site and we’ll be networked through common systems and a project management hub.”

Randal Boutilier
Principal, Creative Director, 12Thirteen Design

“We went from things in my head and on different spreadsheets to a series of systems and processes that allowed me to see my business more clearly than I ever had before.”

Cathy Mann
Owner, Cathy Mann & Associates

“My business today is completely different. I have an office, clients and I’m making the money that I want to make. None of it would have happened if I hadn’t done the work with Valeri.”

Janine Harris
Owner & Executive Producer, Keyring Media

If you’re hiding out in the ‘weeds’, headed toward burnout - it’s actually time to play a bigger game.

And bigger, doesn’t mean ‘busier’.

Maybe you’re familiar with the DIY Habit, the “Work Harder Ethic", and the “Self-Doubt Spin-out”?

Though we’re used to having these strategies pushed on us as “musts” and “shoulds -- they aren’t so much necessities as unhelpful habits.

Ones that may be concealing some sneaky stuff. Things like fear of success, of failure... of really being seen!

This is how you keep getting in your own way and burn out doing work you love.

It’s also why this is more than an operational problem.

Around here, focus is your superpower. And learning the art of focus and flow begins with YOU as the leader of yourself and your business. It’s how you create purposeful productivity in your business so you can grow and work in your business joyfully, brilliantly, and without the burnout.


I’m Valeri - and I love small & mighty elegant business design.

But, even more than that?

I love watching business owners stop DOING, and start BEING.

You know what I’ve found in my 20 years of supporting entrepreneurs?

WE are our biggest distractions.

We get lost in tools and tips that are supposed to make administrative work easy, but instead send us down a rabbit hole, syphoning our time and brilliance as the business owner.

These tools give us a false sense of productivity while the important things still don’t get done.

Getting caught in this grind will sink your business.

If you want to avoid burnout, you must stay focused on only the important things.

And focus is a muscle.


My core purpose is to help you rethink the way you work, to find simplicity and ease so you may be proud of the person you are, the work you do, and the difference you make.

I’m here to empower you to show up as the mighty leader you are and transform your business into a well-oiled machine you LOVE to run!

It isn’t just about the work that’s right in front of you, it’s about staying true to what you’re trying to achieve long term.

So that you can GROW without working 24/7, without building a big team, and without (believe it or not) scaling beyond recognition of the business you loved.

Here, you scale down... and soar UP!


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