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Is your business ready to SOAR?

Find out where to focus to take your business to new heights.

You’re spending more time than necessary on necessary tasks.

Your process for onboarding new clients, following up, and tracking leads is: “Winging it.”

And the tangle of spreadsheets, apps, and tools you’re using for your business aren’t playing nice. (And you aren’t even sure if you chose the right tech to start with.)

You want to scale your business. But first, you need to learn how to pilot it.

Explore the business training programs below and find what’s right for you.


Look down.

Are you wearing one of these name tags?


You pile every detail in your head. Are you going to train new hires, sit down with bankers or investors, or partner up? Then you need an operations playbook.


You waste time chasing down tasks and wrangling staff. You need better systems for delegation if you’re going to feel in control of your business again.


Your wait list is miles long. Now you need a suite of business efficiency tools for project management, client service, and lead nurturing to free up your focus.


Your tasks get scattered across stickies, notepads, and spreadsheets. Automations would help if you knew what tech tools to choose and how to use them.

If you’re nodding over there, then you came to the right person.

When we work together, it isn’t just about adopting new systems for your business.

It’s about making them a habit, so you can design a business that’s Built to SOAR™.

Five Priorities. One Goal.

Focus first

We identify which tasks should go to you, your tech, or your crew.

Balance your business

We create a plan to delegate, lighten your load, and you-proof your business.

Automate your workflow

We implement the tech tools that can run your business on autopilot.

Organize your workspace

An organized online and offline workspace creates an uncluttered and focused mind.

Work smarter

You can’t make more time, so I’ll show you how to make the most of it.

I’ve got three business training programs to help you get more out of your business, so you never fly past another detail or opportunity:


Launchpad (Solo)

Get ready to grow your one-person show

Looking to hire an assistant or second team member? Get a personalized plan for automating the back-end busywork with systems and tech tools. Identify what you need to delegate and where you need to focus your energy to grow your business without crashing and burning.

  • Business Efficiency Inspection™ to uncover your time, energy, and money leaks
  • Built To SOAR Flight plan to give you the steps to boost your business efficiency
  • Half-day business retreat with me so we can get up close and personal with your business
  • Membership in the Business Efficiency Zone private Facebook group
  • Your reserved seat in all my live Business Retreats and webinars

TakeFlight (Group)

Get your systems in order in 6 months

Caught in the chaos of rapid growth? Need to get organized and give your business a foundation to grow on? Help your business take flight with me as your co-pilot. In this group program, we’ll design, improve and implement processes, so your business can run without you.

  • Two monthly virtual group working sessions with me
  • Two monthly virtual group Q&A sessions with me
  • One monthly private coaching session with me
  • Done-for-you templates and checklists
  • Membership in the Take Flight private Facebook group
  • Recommended time-saving tech tools to automate your systems

SkyHigh (VIP)

Start calling yourself the CEO in 6 months

Ready to leave behind the daily grind? Then it’s time to delegate your heart out. This is your flight map for soaring to success and building a back-end that runs on autopilot.

  • Business Efficiency Inspection™ to uncover your time, energy, and money leaks
  • Half-day business retreat with me so we can get up close and personal with your business
  • Two 50-minute working sessions with me per month for extra support
  • Unlimited check in calls with me each month to hold you accountable
  • Unlimited email support during the 6 months for quickfire As to your Qs
  • My brilliance laser focused on your business to streamline your systems
  • Done-for-you templates and checklists
  • Recommended time-saving tech tools to automate your systems

“Now, instead of a tangle of spreadsheets, I have invoicing software … a CRM system … templated responses to most of the emails I receive. And I can delegate now; I have contractors who help me with areas like social media and admin. Things that used to take 20 minutes take one. It’s fantastic that I’m more in control of my business and I have more time to myself. But it’s also a gift that keeps on giving! I’m now planning an analysis of where I make my money, where I’m most profitable, and how to capitalize on that, to grow faster and better. I never could have done that without Valeri and her business training.”

Rachael Stafford, President of Order in the House

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