Your Business, Built to SOAR

Intentional Systems. Elegant Design. And You in Your Zone of Brilliance.

This is the art of focus and flow - of making your business feel so good, you can connect to your full potential, show up at your best, and do less so you can be more.

YES - every entrepreneur has woken up thinking, “Today will be the day I’ll work on my business, and not in my business.”

But the emails, the admin, and all of those loose ends -- the stuff you procrastinate with and the all-custom-everything -- drain your energy and suddenly, those high hopes fizzle fast.

And along with them? Your motivation.

It hurts to watch opportunities pass you by that you have no capacity to follow-through on right now.

It hurts even more that trying to do the work you love has become such a grind, it’s leading to burnout and questioning your business entirely.

Maybe a new software? More tutorials? More scaling? More “shoulds”?

Fighting overwhelm with more overwhelm seems… Well, it doesn’t just seem, it IS counter-productive!

But improving your productivity doesn’t mean doing more. Improved productivity means you can do less, and BE more.


“My son said to me how much he was looking forward to my time off this summer. It’s because of the coaching I did with Valeri that I can take this time away from my business and not be afraid that things will fall apart! Knowing I’ll have uninterrupted time with my kids means so much to me.”

Andrea Henry
Founder, Henry Business Law

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“One of the best business decisions I've made was to hire Valeri to help improve my personal and business productivity and effectiveness. Thanks to our work together, I feel confident delegating non-core tasks to my team. This frees up valuable planning time and mental space for me. I can now focus on what matters most in my business.”

Rona Birenbaum
Founder, Caring For Clients

Here, we quit ‘the hard way’, scrap the DIY, and work powerfully - standing in brilliance, not falling to burnout.

Because protecting you and your energy as a visionary means everything to your business.

It’s a ruthless pursuit we pave by thoughtful simplicity, and clear, intentional decisions.

Being organized -- creating structure that sets you up for a sustainable business -- not only feels good, it puts energy behind your daily actions that is full of fun, light, and joy again.

It creates a space for the real YOU in your business.

The one who has fallen through the cracks trying to do it all or, if we dig deep, has maybe even been intentionally hiding, too worn out to co-exist with that nagging fear of success.

Here, we find the you, who's never too busy to truly take the reins, who has shifted out of the “hard work” mindset, and into the concrete changes that streamline her results.

The one who wakes up ready to authentically bring her all.

How would it feel if you release perfectionism and endless self-doubt, and found the space to anchor into your PURPOSE. To actually rise and SHINE?


“Valeri helped me put my own business first. If I put my energy into my business, that is going to serve my clients as well. I’m now seeing an increased income and less time in the weeds. I’m happier and my clients are happier. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.”

Lisa Chicules
Founder, Lisa Chicules Consulting


“My business has completely transformed. I have an office and studio, I’m making the money that I want to make and I’m so much happier now I’ve stepped fully into being the leader of my business. None of it would have happened if I hadn’t done the work with Valeri.”

Janine Harris
Founder, Keyring Media

The experience of scaling down, to SOAR UP

You’re here because you want to work purposefully, think bigger, and enjoy a business that runs like a well-oiled machine.

You hear you’re supposed to automate more, grow a team, scale..! And that this is what will bring you peace, growth, and profit.

The truth is, it’s your focus on what really matters - not more people and technology. It takes small steps every day to lead yourself and your business where you want to go. And focus is the superpower that will build your business and confidence right.

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On a scale of 1-10, how focused are your days right now?

Focus is a muscle that’s hard to flex when we’re disconnected from purpose and vision, distracted by all that unnecessary, habitual ‘busy-work’!

Worse, focus is pretty-near impossible when your inner-critic (the one screaming that you’re an imposter and sinking your confidence) is driving the bus!

Over my 20 years delving deep into elegant business design, I’ve seen that focus is really the product of energy, self-belief, and practice.

There is a much more powerful way to show up in the world.

So, here is my invitation to you…

Sky High collective Work with me page

When the Collective Calls to You...

...You’re edging closer and closer to burn out but you know there’s a way to run a business with ease, a business where you’re in your brilliance every single day.

...You're ready to rethink how you use your time and energy so you can create more joy and impact with every day, every minute, of your life.

This is when the SkyHigh Collective calls to you. A place and community to stay fiercely focused on your goals, while you increase your impact on the world.

Private Coaching

Clarity of Purpose + Self-Belief + Practice = the Secret Equation

See what it's like to make every action count in your business.

Overcome the resistance and see how purposeful productivity and personal potency streamline your business into replicable offers and signature systems.

Private coaching for visionaries ready for Pure, Refined Simplicity, with minimum people, minimum technology, and maximum joy and profit.


The Focus First Method™

Loving your work isn’t enough to keep you going, there must be space - intentionally created - for your Zone of Brilliance.

The Focus First Method™ is a deeply insightful and practical way to become a Focused Entrepreneur.

It means productivity fueled by purpose and energy instead of willpower and expectations.

This is how we do things around here:

The Focus First Method

When you build to SOAR, it’s a deeply insightful and practical way to become a Focused Entrepreneur.

It means productivity fueled by purpose and energy instead of willpower and expectations.

...where you get to Design an Elegant Business that has structure without stifling and keeps you in your Zone of Brilliance.

Have a Reason for Everything You Do, and Soar in the Art of Focus and Flow.

  • Set up your systems.
  • Offload the busywork.
  • Design your day. (And month. And year.)
    And let’s make “Focused Entrepreneur” your second nature.

Every day.

More Joy. More Impact. More Brilliance.


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