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Home to high-achieving business owners who are ready to stop working so hard.

Starting January 2024. Now Accepting Applications.

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Ready to work less, earn more and love your business again?


Adrienne McRuvie

OMA Chiropractic & Wellness

"The SkyHigh Collective is my North Star! It anchors me to my big vision and gives me an energetic boost in how I show up and lead my business."

You started your business to do the work you love with clients you’re passionate to support.

So why does your genius take a backseat to the less meaningful tasks?

Here’s why working harder is holding you back from having the business you’re passionate to lead …

It’s not sustainable

Striving, pushing and hustling will leave you overwhelmed, feeling close to burnout, and drowning in TO DOs.

It’s not profitable

Your brilliance is what brings in revenue. Spinning your wheels directly impacts your bottom line.

It’s not enjoyable

Being connected 24/7 steals your focus, sucks your energy and prevents you from doing your best work.

Reality Check

You can still burn out doing the work you enjoy.

You love your business but you know — all too well — that feeling of edging closer to burnout:

  • Drowning in tasks and a feeling of overwhelm that you just can’t shake.
  • Never feeling like you’ve accomplished enough, even though you’re already working over capacity and around the clock.
  • Creative work taking a backseat to the less meaningful busywork.
  • Constantly feeling like you’re spread too thin as your business tugs you every which way.
  • When golden opportunities come knocking, you just don’t have the bandwidth or energy to follow through.
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The truth is: the business you've created doesn’t feel good anymore. Can you relate?

Welcome To The SkyHigh Collective

A place to grow a purposeful and profitable business without losing touch with the work you love most.


Imagine …

Filling your days with the things that fire you up instead of drag you down.

Running your business with ease and joy, and way less chaos.

Embracing the mindset and habits that empower you to rise and shine.

Having a fulfilling business and a meaningful life without sacrificing one for the other.

Leaving overwhelm and overwork behind and instead working with focus and flow.

Feeling SO GOOD every day because your full potential feels easily within reach.

Saying goodbye to perfectionism, self doubt and procrastination — forever!

Staying fiercely focused on your goals, while you increase your impact in the world.

Are you tired of feeling like you haven’t accomplished enough, even though you’re working around the clock?

Hi I’m Valeri,

I've walked the path you’re travelling.

Busy-ness hijacked my days, things were slipping through the cracks and my true potential always felt out of reach.

The work I truly loved was taking a back seat to the fires I was fighting, the emails I was answering and the boring backend details clamouring for my attention.

It wasn't long before the joy and passion I once had for my beautiful business had evaporated.

I felt empty, hollow and lonely.

Through deep work and intentional action, I was able to rekindle my spark and find another path that lights me up.

Now I’m on a mission to make running your business feel good again so you may be proud of the person you are, the work that you do and the difference you make.

You CAN reach your revenue, growth and professional goals without scaling beyond what feels good and without constantly feeling drained and burnt out.

I promise you there is a better way of BEING in your business.


I’ve developed a path to help entrepreneurs, just like you, run their small and mighty businesses without hustling harder.

Our journey follows the SOARING CYCLE, which mirrors nature’s seasonal rhythm.

Winter is a time for reflection, quiet creation and renewal.

Winter is a time for reflection, quiet creation and renewal.


Quiet the noise to restore your focus.

Bring back your Big Picture Vision.


Reclaim your time and energy.


Become empowered to
set and protect your boundaries.

Spring is the season of awakening and vitality.

Spring is the season of awakening and vitality.


Let it be easy.


Design your personal operating system for joy.


Build your trusted circle of support.


Finesse your delegation skills. .

Summer is a time for re-energized action fuelled by relaxation.

Summer is a time for re-energized action fuelled by relaxation.


Connect to your deepest source of motivation.

Allow your dreams to inspire your actions.


Create harmony between your business and life.


Choose how you want to show up so you can do your best work.

Autumn is the season of letting 
go of what no longer serves you.

Autumn is the season of letting go of anything that no longer serves you.


Create space for vitality, joy, and creativity.

Overcome the obstacles that keep you stuck and spinning.


Replace stress and overwhelm with passion and purpose.


Silence self-doubt, move through fear, let go of procrastination and perfectionism.


Trish Krause

Bite Out Of Life Nutrition

“I feel empowered and excited about my business again!
And I’m seeing new ways to work that makes my days brighter.”

Here’s what's inside

A virtual Kick Off where you’ll get acquainted with others in The SkyHigher Collective.

Your personalized Leadership Assessment and debriefing session to discover how the 7 Powers of Potential effect your results.

Twice monthly, SOAR Sessions to empower you to become the leader you were meant to be.

4 virtual Planning Retreats to keep you focused on achieving your goals.

Instant access to our Systems Vault full of workflows, recordings and templates.

Access to the The SkyHigh Lounge, our vibrant private Facebook group where we celebrate wins and share resources.

Weekly Power Hour to set yourself up for a focused, inspired and productive week. 

Uplifting peer support from business owners who are going through the same ups and downs as you.


A VIP seat at our Annual Planning Party to clarify your biggest goals and create actionable steps to achieve them. ($599 value)

Instant access to The Productivity Blueprint online course where you’ll learn how to remove overwork and overwhelm by streamlining the way you work. (value $479)


Lucia De Biasio

LDB Design

"I can honestly say the experience so far with all my fellow SkyHighers and Valeri at the helm has been amazing; the path is clearer, and the weight of "everything" is lighter. ❤”

The SkyHigh Collective is a perfect fit if …

Your established service-based business is thriving, but you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed and overworked.

You’ve felt isolated running your business and have been searching for a community of wise business owners who are just like you.

You have too much work on your plate, and know it’s time to let something go, but you aren’t sure how to delegate effectively.

You’re tired of sacrificing your evenings, weekends, and mental peace because your business requires you to be connected 24/7.

You’re ready to have a bigger impact through your work, and want to make sure you can get there in a way that’s sustainable and profitable.

You’re committed to reducing your workload, doing more of the things you love while earning the income you deserve.

We believe expanding your impact starts with transforming the way you work.

Let’s co-create your feel-good way of working so you can rise up and shine.

Are You Ready?