Want to work less and achieve more?

Free your focus from the distractions, interruptions and busyness that stand between you and your important work.

Do Less. Be More.

Imagine moving through your day with ease and flow because you've left the chaos and overwhelm behind.

Ahhhh ... bliss!

Then reality hits and you remember the project you're trying to finish, the client you're trying to help, and the blog you're trying to write ... along with the bazillion other things on your TO DO list.

It's no wonder you're trapped in a blur of busyness. The traditional approach to productivity has fed you a steady diet of misguided ideas based on the premise that more is better.

And that leaves you feeling like a hot mess.

I believe productivity isn't about getting more done, it's about doing less, better.

That's why I created The Focused Entrepreneur™, to clear your path to a better way of working.

Your Results look like this:


Have confidence that your actions and results are aligned with your purpose.


Free your focus and energy to do the meaningful work you love.


Use your work to bring delight to your days and a smile to your face.


Increase your income and impact by focusing on high-value activities.

Inside The Focused Entrepreneur™



Move beyond busy

Push past the roadblocks that keep you stuck, spinning and frustrated by your workload. You'll learn how powerful small shifts can be in helping you achieve remarkable results.



Work Smarter

Stop spinning your wheels and wasting your precious time and energy on low-value, time-sucking tasks. You'll learn my simple 3-step Work Smarter System to ensure you're focused on the work that matters most.



Work Less Achieve More

It’s not how much you get done in a day, but how few things you have to do in order to reach your goals.You'll learn how to prune your TO DOs so you can accomplish your important work without forfeiting evenings, weekends and holidays.



Design your ideal workday

It's possible to set up your days to proactively do your work, complete your priorities, and make space to breathe. This module shows you exactly how to make it happen.



Build your productivity toolkit

Having the right tools by your side is important to support and empower you to do your best work. In this module you'll discover the essential devices (tech and non-tech), to include in your productivity toolkit.



Create sustainable habits

Building a new way of working is an inside job. Only you have the power to change the way you work. This module shows you a straightforward approach and the exact steps to take to create new productivity habits that will stick.

This is what being productive can do ...


"I do 50% less work
and make 100%
more money."
- Chris

unnamed (1)

"One of the best decisions
I made to improve my
productivity and effectiveness
as a leader."
- Rona

unnamed (2)

"Because of the time
that I’ve freed up, I brought
in 2 new clients and spent
the summer enjoying family time
… a first for me!"
- Nicole

I'm Valeri Hall Little

I'm Founder of Built To SOAR, a business and leadership coach for busy entrepreneurs ... and the creator of The Focused Entrepreneur.

I believe your business doesn’t have to leave you feeling worn out because you’re buried under all the things.

There is another way to work. A way that fulfills you and brings meaning and connection to your life.

Making that happen is my passion and purpose.


What you'll get ...

01: I'm live with you for each of our interactive sessions for coaching, accountability and group discussion.

02: Prep videos, worksheets and checklists so you can activate your productivity potential faster.

03: Downloadable tools, templates and swipe files so you can activate your productivity potential faster.

04: My proprietary tried, tested and proven Work Smarter System that will free up 2 hours in your workday.

05: Lifetime access to the The Focused Entrepreneur training portal.

        Do Your Best Work.