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SkyHigh Mastermind

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Next intake is June 2021.

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Caught in the chaos of your growing business?
Help your business take reach new heights with me as your co-pilot.

Who you are

I know you’re tired of hearing that “busy” is a good problem to have.

I know because I once owned a web consulting business that gave me this new hairstyle called “on fire”. (Not so hot, FYI.)

And as hard as you are on yourself for “not having it all together”, I know it’s not that you’re incapable, irresponsible, or even ungrateful for your rising success…

It’s just that you can’t find 2 seconds to lift your nose off the grindstone and control the chaos and daily time-sucks that are forcing you to fly at the same altitude, day in and day out.

You know if you want to grow, and if you want your business to thrive … and not just survive … you’ve got to start thinking of banishing the busywork that’s keeping you mired in the operational weeds.

In the SkyHigh Mastermind, I’ll be your co-pilot and show you how to implement my simple, step-by-step proven method for streamlining and automating your business so it can run without you doing everything yourself.

What you need most


Your behind-the-scenes feels disorganized and messy. You know burnout is just around the corner unless you simplify and streamline how your business operates.


You waste time chasing down tasks and wrangling team members. You need better systems for delegation if you’re going to feel in control of your business again.


Your tasks get scattered across stickies, notepads, and spreadsheets. Automations would help if you knew what tech tools to choose and how to use them.

Learn how to run your business — without running yourself into the ground.

Welcome to the SkyHigh Mastermind

The SkyHigh Mastermind is a twelve month group and individual coaching program designed specifically for solo and micro business owners who want to take their business to new heights without crashing and burning out.

In this highly interactive program, I walk you step-by-step through my proven Built To SOAR System™, and provide you with all the high-touch, personalized support you need to get your business ready for lift off.

This program gives you the three things you need to make your business SOAR:

1. A step-by-step, proven plan that cuts through all the noise about the latest and greatest tech tools and productivity hacks.

2. High touch, personalized feedback from me. I’ve been in the trenches where you are now, and worked with many business owners like you. In other words, I’ve figured out exactly what works so you don’t have to.

3. Access to a community of ambitious, results orientated, like-minded business owners who care about your success as much as they care about their own.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with from this program:

  • A clear vision of the business you are building and why it matters.
  • An escape hatch from the boring back-end grind of running your business.
  • Streamlined systems and automations so your business runs with ease and flow.
  • An organized workspace that allows you to efficiently get your work done.
  • A suite to tech tools to put your business on autopilot.
  • Daily habits that heighten your productivity and match your natural working style.
  • A mindset shift from Chief Everything Officer to stepping in fully to your role as Chief Executive Officer.

It’s time to start piloting your vision… to get more out of your business… to take back control.


We’re ready to incorporate + build our team!

 I needed to stop doing everything in my business, but I didn’t know how to let go.   Valeri made it so easy and so clear … step-by-step I knew exactly what to do next.  Now we’re  ready to incorporate, hire our team  and use technology the right way. Because of the time that I’ve freed up, I brought in 2 new private clients and spent the summer enjoying family time … a first for me!

Birds-Eye View of How You’ll Fly:

  • Live kick-off strategy day to set goals and get to know each other.
  • 3 Business Retreats where we’ll review, reset and refocus your mindset and your action steps.
  • A monthly MasterClass where I’ll walk you through my step-by-step process of how to build and implement a foundational system in your business and the right tech tools to automate it.
  • Templates and swipe files … so you can just plug and play.
  • A monthly group Q&A virtual session with me.
  • Membership in the SkyHigh Lounge, our private Facebook Group
  • 4 private coaching calls with Valeri (one each quarter).


  • Access to The Productivity Blueprint online course
  • Free VIP ticket to my Annual Planning Party in December

This is what we’ll cover:

Module 1: Get more done with less stress
Module 2: Organize your business back-end
Module 3: Design your Signature System
Module 4: Automate your workflow

Implementation Week

Module 5: Manage your money (part 1)
Module 6: Manage your money (part 2)
Module 7: Design your lead nurturing system
Module 8: Automate your lead nurturing system
Module 9: Care for your clients (on-boarding)
Module 10: Care for your clients (off-boarding)
Module 11: Build your outsourced support team

Are you ready for your business to SOAR?

Let’s simplify the way you run your business so you can amplify your results.

SkyHigh Mastermind

Enrollment is currently closed.

Next intake is June 2021.

Be the first to know when enrollment opens.
Enter your email below to get on the VIP waiting list.


I want to work in a world…

Where our professional lives support our personal lives, so we don’t feel like we can only have one or the other.

Where we can take an afternoon off when we need to and it isn’t going to create a snowball to-do effect.

Where we’re making progress on the work that matters instead of drudging through the day-to-day, feeling like we’re going nowhere fast.

And where business owners can feel just as excited about their business as the day they started it.

You too?