Join Us Virtually on Thursday June 20, 2024

90-Day Impact Plan (3)

Ready for an inspired and focused and Quarter?

  • Imagine being less stressed this Quarter because you're prepared. You know the exact next steps to take to move you towards your goals.
  • Imagine realizing your personal and professional goals (finally) because you've created space for your own rejuvenation and renewal.
  • Imagine feeling so fiercely focused that those shiny objects lose their lustre.

Who said business planning had to be dull and lonely? Come join and connect with fellow impact-driven entrepreneurs who are determined to start the quarter feeling energized, inspired and empowered to build a purposeful and profitable business that's built to soar! Sound good?

Event Details

10 Spots Only

Thursday, June 20, 2024 on Zoom
9:30 am - 3:30 pm ET
Early Bird Entry: $499 until May 31  / Regular price: $699

These spots will run out quickly, so don’t miss out on an exclusive opportunity to refocus and reconnect with your business and your goals.


  • Set your vision and theme for success this coming quarter.
  • Have focus time to clarify your biggest milestones— and create actionable steps to achieve them.
  • Experience personalized coaching and guidance from me as I walk you through proven strategies for moving the needle on your goals this quarter.
  • Receive support and accountability  as you make connections with other high-achieving business owners who are dedicated to setting and achieving incredible results this quarter.
  • Have fun while you map out what's ahead for you and your business.
Only 25 Spots Available

Only 10
Spots Available

These spots run out quickly, so don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to refocus and reconnect with your goals.

Only 25 Spots Available

A Boutique

Be part of an exclusive experience where you can have fun while and reconnecting with your passion and purpose

Only 25 Spots Available

Support Group

Connect with a community of ambitious entrepreneurs who will inspire and support you to reach your loftiest goals.

Your Annual Plan Blueprint

Your 90-Day
Impact Plan

The ultimate framework for focus so you start the season with confidence, clarity and excitement.



  • Your 90-DAY Impact Plan — to map out your quarter with focus and clarity.
  • Breakout sessions to connect with other inspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Time to focus on your business and rediscover a sustainable, meaningful and joyful relationship with your work.
  • Personalized coaching that guides you to focus on the most impactful way to achieve your goals this season.


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"I was so inspired by my own
progress. The session was
interactive, productive and
fun. I left with clear steps I
can take to move my
business forward. Valeri's
energy and style were pitch
perfect. Definitely worth
my time!”

- Renee

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"Loved and so appreciated
the focus on wins.  I feel inspired to
approach the year ahead with a positive
mindset that builds on momentum, not the usual
dread of all I have to do."

- Janice


“I took away new
perspectives, broadened
horizons, a relit fire to
organize, focus, and
strategize, and made some
valuable new

- Kate


  • Your  90-Day Impact Plan Workbook - FREE!
  • A 30-minute VIP Strategy Session with Valeri to review your plan and guide you to focus on the most impactful methods for achieving your goals.
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Hi, I’m Valeri.  Founder and Certified Business & Leadership Coach at Built to SOAR™. I help purpose-driven business owners work less, earn more and love their business again.

I believe in empowering entrepreneurs to rethink how they work so they can enjoy business growth without burning out (and without losing touch with the work they love most.)

My passion is helping clients shift habits, confidently prioritize their time and energy, and master the art of focus and flow.

Really, I'm  in the business of empowering entrepreneurs to DO LESS so they can BE MORE.

It's time to reflect, reset and refocus to start the quarter strong alongside like-minded entrepreneurs.


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