Bespoke Private Coaching for Enjoyable Business Growth.

Work 50% Less, SOAR 100% More?

YES! – With Brilliant Focus.

You want your agency to Work Powerfully

Because your team, your clients – your weekends – feel it when it’s not.

Growth gets stalled, stunted. Things slip through the cracks and big opportunities pass by because scaling like this just isn’t sustainable.

You feel trapped in the growth: pressure to keep growing, but unable to focus on visionary work because your team needs your attention, now.

If you could just figure out how to delegate, get some systems, stop being the bottleneck… and turn your business into the well-oiled machine of your dreams.

– Easy right? –

It’s (Manageable!) Truth Time.

Your business is growing.
Your impact is growing.


DOING more, scheduling more, and spreading yourself even more thin isn’t the answer.

Even great SYSTEMS or hiring a VA are only part of the answer…

Because – and you can feel it – this is more than an ops problem.
This is where leadership gets the spotlight.

A Growing Business = A Growing Leader

You got it.

 It’s YOU time. Time to grow! Step up! Put YOU – in your element and in your zone of brillianceback into your business.

So, how do we sustainably scale your Elevated Agency?

Drop the Focused DOER and embrace your Focused LEADER.

Turning things around and truly claiming your role as a leader changes everything. (In fact, it’s not even optional!)

And it can look like…

Removing yourself as the core client contact and stepping away from your business for weeks – or even months on end – worry free. Finally writing that book! Reconnecting with creative passions, experiencing present relationships, and actually putting your time into visionary work.

Feeling like YOU again – with enjoyable business growth!

This. Is what an Elevated Agency feels like.

(High five!)


Trish Krause

Bite Out Of Life Nutrition

“I feel empowered and excited about my business again!
And I’m seeing new ways to work that makes my days brighter.”

It all comes down to this:

Brilliant Focus - Working Powerfully.

Here are the areas we'll navigate


Confusion… It’s ok! It can all be confusing, but you do need to get clear, get off of auto-pilot, and most importantly, build better mindset habits. When you quiet the noise, you can tap into your innate brilliance and really lead yourself and your business.

Why? Because without this, all the other brilliant things we do below won’t matter.

Confused to Clear:

  • Gain empowered clarity of vision
  • Master your mindset habits
  • Harness your innate gifts
Untitled design
Desk with bonus


As you grow, your ops need to evolve or things become scattered and meaningful things fall through the cracks. Streamlining means getting in there and rethinking your business model and operations.

It’s critical because you must carve out space for YOU to be in your element, doing the work you love – or burnout will find you all over again and there are only so many times you’ll want to come back from that.

Confused to Clear:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Develop your Signature System
  • Get back into the work you love


Being spread too thin means work flows and priorities get fragmented, and the key to actually being productive? It’s to truly understand how and where to keep focused.

It’s the impactful planning, priority-setting, and personal success rituals you instil that support you to get (the right) things done and actually experience enjoyable business growth.

Fragmented to Focused:

  • Focus and prioritize what matters
  • Establish Personal Success Rituals
  • Break out of overwhelm
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04 - Opt-out of the 'hard way' and embrace STELLAR SUPPORT:

Exhaustion, being pulled in too many directions, no capacity to catch up! Being the constant DOER is draining. But there’s a craft to getting energized again –  it’s the craft of outsourcing. The confidence to delegate!

Getting things done with the support of a team means you get to offload the busywork – the grind that’s cheating you of a work/life balance and energy – and put your time towards only revenue-generating work. The work you love.

Exhausted to Energized:

  • Delegate for renewed energy
  • Outsource confidently and efficiently
  • Find and empower your team

VIP. Private.& Real Success.

You never had to just ‘get organized’ or just set up systems – scaling sustainably calls for something different: it’s a blend of powerful self-leadership coaching, aligned business strategy, and critical ops consulting.

With Valeri, it's all in one place.

Let's help you see the journey.

SOAR Beyond: A Bespoke Year of Focused Leadership.

Here's what your coaching experience includes:

1. POWER YOUR POTENTIAL Assessment & Debrief: Begin your self-leadership journey with a deep exploration of your unique strengths, passions, and untapped potential. Discover what makes you exceptional and kick-off that fire of transformation.


2. The BIG PICTURE BLUEPRINT™: Together, we co-create a bespoke overview of your elegant agency. This isn't just a snapshot, it's a reflection of your dreams, your vision, and your unique path to soaring success.


3. Two 50-Minute Coaching Sessions Per Month: Transformative experiences with Valeri, guiding you through personalized strategies crafted and tailored to your brilliance, your purpose, and your progression. Unwavering support as you grow.


4. Your PURPOSEFUL PROGRESS JOURNAL: Every insight, every "aha" moment, every breakthrough – captured in your journal. A trove of your internal wisdom and a compass for your evolving leadership.


5. Access to Your Private FOCUSED LEADERSHIP COACHING PORTAL: Exclusive resources – your worksheets, recordings, and templates – and tools to gracefully conquer any challenge that comes your way.


6. Between-Session Support: For moments when you seek that extra touch – wisdom and support are just a call away. Expertise or simply a dose of inspiration, you're never alone on this incredible journey.

PLUS! Bonus VIP Access: Your Keys to Accelerated Brilliance!

In addition to your private coaching experience, you're becoming part of the Built to SOAR movement – rethinking the way we do business to achieve more joy – more impact! –  with every day, every minute, of our lives!

Exclusive benefits:

Quarterly Reset Retreats:

Picture yourself in an inspiring virtual retreat, surrounded by like-minded, supportive individuals. These retreats are your chance to recalibrate, rejuvenate, and renew your focus.

Live Planning Party:

Connect with fellow impact-driven entrepreneurs and create your Annual Plan Blueprint — the ultimate framework to plan your year with focus and clarity.

The Productivity Blueprint and the Systems Vault:

12 month access to supplementary tools to elevate your skills help you scale a purposeful and profitable business without losing touch with the work you love the most!!

This phase? Enjoy it!

This is the good part!

Really grow with bespoke self-leadership coaching, aligned business strategy, and critical ops consulting that will make your agency Built to SOAR.

Now is your time for enjoyable business growth.

Sustainable Scaling.

"Who's leading the business while you're caught up in the busy work?"

Hi, it’s Valeri! 

When clients find themselves caught in the details, starting to doubt their ability to scale, while at the same time, desperate to bring in work to feed their teams – one of the first things I ask is, “Who’s leading the business while you’re caught in the busy work?”

Ambitious entrepreneurs often need this (slightly sassy) reminder that they can’t do both. (Psst - you can’t do both, either!)

As a 20-year business veteran, I’ve certainly been there – deep in all the cycles of business. I’ve owned an agency, a consulting business, and a coaching business. And I’ve become an expert in the ins and outs of engineering support structures and systems for maxed-out boutique agency owners. 

Because I know we all wish for Enjoyable Business Growth. An Elevated Agency. 

That’s why it’s a non-negotiable to become the Focused Leader that can make it happen.

When your agency is in a growth phase, full of opportunities, having a partner to give you experienced feedback, reflection, and personalized attention – tailored to exactly where you are – can be the difference between “the hard way” and finally scaling while bringing harmony to your work

You love your work and impact! You’re a high achiever! 

So why stay stuck, stressed out in the weeds?

Let’s make ‘Focused Leader’ your second nature. 

(And let’s start now!!)

- Valeri


Lucia De Biasio

LDB Design

"I can honestly say the experience so far with all my fellow agency owners and Valeri at the helm has been amazing; the path is clearer, and the weight of "everything" is lighter."

Focused Leadership + Your Elevated Agency = Smart Business Growth.

Let's make every action count.