Three easy ways to save money on your tech

Do you ever wonder where all the money goes? That hard-earned revenue that makes it possible for you to call yourself a business owner and not a hobbyist. To be honest, somedays, it may feel like the money leaves as quickly as it comes into your business. You have just enough time to do a…

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How to get paid faster

Let’s talk about getting paid … Despite your best efforts at getting your invoices out on time, it may be a struggle to collect from your clients on time. One of the most uncomfortable conversations you can have with a client is reminding them about late invoice payments. Even more difficult is politely requesting their…

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How I made $1000 in 10 minutes

The story ends with a smartphone falling into deep water and being lost forever. This is how we got there … I promise I’ll give you the short version. During our recent holiday, my daughter and her friend went out bike riding to explore the area. There was a bridge, a canal, some hopping off a bike,…

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Do you need a CRM?


Business owners ask me this question all the time: Valeri, do I need a CRM? The quick answer is yes, a CRM, or Contact Relationship Manager is an essential tech tool to help your rapidly growing business build client relationships and boost sales. A CRM, when used correctly, is more than just a database of…

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The real reason you’re not getting your work done


Do you get to the end of your workday and are satisfied with all you’ve accomplished? If you’re like most busy business owners, the answer is likely No (at least most of the time). You might find that you’re constantly putting out fires, being interrupted by your team or your clients, or spending way too…

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How to make tracking your mileage less of a pain


One money task that always used to keep me guessing was logging my mileage. As a business owner who is always on the move, I have to track the mileage traveled so I can get reimbursed. Believe me, I love getting the money back … however, even that incentive didn’t always get me to stop…

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Do this if you want to make money

make money

Do you like to make money? I’m guessing your answer is a resounding YES!, especially if you’re an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to take your business to the next level. If you felt a pang of embarrassment when you made this “admission,” not to worry … many of my clients (who are very successful) still…

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