Read this before you launch your great idea

I remember the moment well. It was 5 years ago … the day I had the great idea to launch my first-ever group program. My pulse raced, I broke out into a sweat, and decided YES Valeri!! Let’s do this!! Woo Hoo!! I knew it was a great idea because … I surfed the web…

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Ask these 5 questions for radical self kindness

An assortment of question marks and one light bulb image to show how asking questions gives a soltuion

The GPS in my car sucks. Recently, I was completely lost and I used my vehicle’s navigation system to provide me with the best route to my destination. One road closure and 2 traffic jams later, I arrived … albeit 35 minutes late. This got me thinking about you and wondering  … How is your…

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Why staying small is a BIG deal

Think back to the last time you went shopping for an outfit. Which of these options did you prefer? The big department store with lots of choices and no salesperson in sight. The boutique that caters to your style and has a sales associate to help you navigate the racks. I ask because your answer…

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