Why BIG isn’t better.

By Valeri Hall Little | August 7, 2022

Reality check … Big is not always better when it comes to your business. Many of us business owners fall into the trap of thinking that big results come from taking big action. Actually, that’s not necessarily true. Usually, the reverse is true. Taking small, consistent steps lead to big results. Doing those big things…

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Transform your TO DO list into a TA-DA List

By Valeri Hall Little | July 31, 2022

A handy productivity trick that is going to change things for you and how you feel about all the work that you’re getting done in your business. No doubt you have a mile-long TO DO list that never seems to get done. As I tell all my clients … you’ll never get to the end…

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3 Essential Tech Tools for Working Remotely

By Valeri Hall Little | July 24, 2022

Video Conferencing  The first tool is your video conferencing tool. I use Zoom and love it. I use Zoom for client meetings, to talk to my team, and for my Business Breakthrough calls with prospective clients.    Zoom allows me to stay connected and be face-to-face with my team, my clients, and my prospects at any…

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Three easy ways to save money on your tech

By Valeri Hall Little | July 17, 2022

Do you ever wonder where all the money goes? That hard-earned revenue that makes it possible for you to call yourself a business owner and not a hobbyist. To be honest, somedays, it may feel like the money leaves as quickly as it comes into your business. You have just enough time to do a…

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Pivot Your Mindset From Surviving to Thriving

By Valeri Hall Little | July 10, 2022

Remember as a kid playing the game hide and go seek? There was always that one kid who you could never find because they were the tiniest and most flexible and could hide in the smallest of spaces. For me, that was Susan. We could never find Susan. And oftentimes we would just give up.…

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How to Get Your Business Ready for Summer

By Valeri Hall Little | July 3, 2022

Remember the unrequited glee of hearing the dismissal bell ring on that last day of school before summer break?

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How to push past your fear - Part 3

How to Push Past Your Fear – Part 3

By Valeri Hall Little | June 26, 2022

When you recommit to your mission, vision and goals … all of a sudden, the fear that has been holding you back doesn’t feel so terrifying anymore.

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How to Push Past Your Fear – Part 2

By Valeri Hall Little | June 19, 2022

Learn how to reframe the fear so you can see the opportunity that lies on the other side.

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How to Push Past Your Fear – Part 1

By Valeri Hall Little | June 12, 2022

This is Part 1 of a three-part series talking about fear and how to overcome it so you can reach higher and rise to your full potential. Many of us business owners wander through our lives, not even realizing that fear is in the driver’s seat. The reality is fear is impacting your decisions, actions…

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