Where your business takes flight ...and you rise to your potential.

I’m Valeri, a Small Business Coach in Toronto for service-based solo business owners who want to accomplish more in less time.


And I engineer support structures and systems for maxed-out small business owners who are nosediving towards burnout.

I know you’re tired of hearing that “busy” is a good problem to have.

I know because I once owned a web consulting business that gave me this new hairstyle called “on fire”. (Not so hot, FYI.)

And as hard as you are on yourself for “not having it all together”, I know it’s not that you’re incapable, irresponsible, or even ungrateful for your rising success…

It’s just that you can’t find 0.2 seconds to lift your nose off the grindstone and control the chaos and daily time-sucks that are forcing you to fly at the same altitude, day in and day out.

You know if you want to grow, you’ve got to start thinking of building a business that’s bigger than you…

And that means shifting from the solopreneur mindset to the CEO mindset, so you can (finally!) rise above the daily grind.

Let me show you how to implement simple, sustainable, and automated processes that pull you out of the operational weeds…

So you can make your profits, productivity, and people SOAR.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

“I don’t have time to set up systems.”

Even though systems take time to set up at the outset, reinventing the wheel or trying to remember if you forgot a step will cost you FAR more time.

“Ugh, automations are restrictive.”

Even if you’re a creative soul, you can design your processes and systems to fit your personal productivity style, so you can be proactive instea d of reactive.

“I have this problem called cat videos.”

Making your business more efficient at the operational level makes YOU more productive by default, no extra willpower or fancy planners required.

This isn’t about being more productive.

You need to turn your business into a well-oiled machine that runs without your constant supervision, so you spend more time flying “in the zone” and less time parked in the Busyville hangar.

The first step:

Navigating your personal productivity style.

When it comes to your brain, are you a leftie or a rightie? Maybe you can’t go a day without your trusty notepad. Maybe you’ve never met a calendar-planning tool you didn’t love. Or maybe you get a thrill from checking off to-dos.

We all have our natural strengths. And the key to finding systems that work for you long-term is learning which strategies and tools will support the way you like to work. A small business coach In Toronto can help you find that.

Not only does this make you more efficient. But it helps you enjoy your work more.


When your business is Built to Soar™ you:


Accomplish more

Get more done every day by prioritizing the tasks you’re best at and delegating the rest.


Feel ready for takeoff

Documented procedures make you scalable, franchiseable, and even investor-friendly.


Lift profits

Spot missed or hidden growth opportunities that get buried under busywork.


Free up your time

No more relying on just you or a select few to carry out the daily business operations.


Have a team in tandem

Mapping out your processes means everyone’s on the same page, from step 1 to 10.


Impress your clients

Now that your business runs on autopilot, clients rave, new leads roll in, and you don’t break a sweat.


“I had no idea then just how many opportunities I was missing, just how much technology could help me, and just how much easier things could be. Valeri, a small business coach in Toronto, has helped me develop systems that allow me to free up my time to do what I love to do, and to do the things I don’t like to do a whole lot faster and better. The most exciting change is the automation she’s brought to some of our offerings that help my clients have a better experience and help my team collaborate more effectively.”

Janine Harris – Executive Producer for Keyring Media

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