What makes your remote team feel connected?

Your agency’s culture is the glue that holds your team together, especially when everyone’s working from different places.

A strong culture fosters connection, collaboration and a sense of belonging. And this ripples through the team, whether they’re sitting next to each other, or are in different locations.

A strong culture is what makes your team feel like they’re part of something bigger, even if they’re miles apart.

A strong culture cultivates a team that knows they are working together for a larger purpose. That every task they perform contributes to the agency’s goals.

And when your team feels connected to the culture, they’re more engaged, motivated, and ready to bring their A-game.

This is what transforms your workplace into a community.

One of the first things I do with my clients is help them define their culture as we create The Big Picture™ of their agency.

Once the mission, vision and values are (re)discovered and locked in, it’s easier for agency owners to share this with their team so everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction.

So how do you begin creating a culture that is aligned with The Big Picture™ of your agency?

Here are some ways my clients create connection, collaboration and a sense of belonging with their remote teams:

1 :: Shared Values and Vision
Clearly define and communicate your agency’s core values and vision. Make sure everyone understands and feels connected to these guiding principles. It’s the foundation of a cohesive team. This client has their Values framed and on the office wall.

2 :: Team Building Activities
Virtual team-building exercises are a must. Think online games, virtual coffee breaks, or even a remote book club. These activities help your team bond and have fun together, even from afar. This client holds a day-away in-person retreat every summer.

3 :: Celebrating Milestones
Recognize and celebrate both team and individual achievements. Whether it’s a shoutout in a meeting, a virtual party, or a simple thank you note, acknowledging hard work boosts morale and reinforces a positive culture. This client has High-Five Fridays where everyone is welcome to celebrate a fellow team member.

4 :: Inclusive Practices
Ensure everyone feels valued and part of the team by celebrating diversity and creating a safe environment for sharing ideas and different perspectives. This client features diverse employees in video testimonials to attract a wider range of candidates to join their team.

5 :: Collaborative Tools
Make it easy for everyone to work together on projects, share ideas, and keep track of progress. This client uses the video messaging feature in their project management software to boost the personal connection.

My friend, by focusing on creating your own unique culture and combining it with engagement-building strategies, you’ll cultivate a remote work environment that’s strong, inclusive, and engaged.

Keep building your amazing culture!


Next week, we’ll discuss how to keep your remote team motivated, energized and productive.

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