The ultimate success formula for your remote team

Communication + Culture + Connection …

Welcome to the first installment of our three-part series on leading your remote team to uplevel their performance and productivity: Creating Clear Communication 


I’ll never forget the day a web design project came to a grinding halt—not because of illness, client delays, or the usual suspects. It was because our lead programmer couldn’t make it to the office because—all his clothes were stuck in the washing machine!

Yes, you read that right—and it's a true story, I promise.

Back then, remote work wasn’t an option; in our agency, it was office or stay at home and take a sick day.

But times have changed. With remote and hybrid working options now on the rise (92%, according to Publicis Groupe), keeping your team connected, motivated, and inspired is paramount for the smooth running of your agency. 

And this is why clear communication is more important than ever—and is the first part of the Ultimate Success Formula For Your Remote Team.

Without those watercooler chats and face-to-face meetings, keeping everyone on the same page can be tricky. 

This trend was highlighted in The 2004 Leadership Trends Report for Agency Owners. This is a must-read for all owners of boutique creative agencies.

As the leader of your growing boutique creative agency, honing in on clear communication with your team must be a priority. 

Miscommunication leads to missed deadlines, duplicated work, and team frustration. And that impacts your agency’s bottom line … and your stress level as the leader.

Clear communication is the backbone of productivity and a happy team. When everyone knows what’s expected and feels heard, the whole agency runs smoother.

So how do you set up your agency for communication success?

Here are a few tips to guide you:

🎯 Use the Right Tools: Invest in reliable tools that offer instant messaging, video calling, and detailed updates in one place. This streamlines communication and avoids unnecessary costs. 

🎯 Set Clear Expectations: Establish communication norms from the start. Define response times and when video calls are necessary. This avoids confusion and keeps everyone on the same page.

🎯Regular Updates: Schedule regular check-ins, whether daily stand-ups or weekly roundups, to keep everyone informed and aligned.

🎯Effective Meetings: Make meetings count with clear agendas, sticking to them, and respecting everyone's time. Include casual conversation to maintain connection.

🎯Feedback Channels: Encourage open feedback. This helps you understand what’s working and shows your team their opinions matter. Remember to set boundaries for your availability!

By incorporating these techniques in your agency’s communication framework, you’ll create a strong foundation for your remote or hybrid team’s communication. (This also works for your in-office team.)

And remember, my friend, if a load of laundry can bring a project to a halt, imagine what clear, structured communication can do to keep everything running smoothly. 

You’ve got this!

PS Stay tuned for the next post on building a strong remote work culture.