The secret to prioritizing you - reading a book outside with a coffee in hand

The secret to prioritizing you

Knowing when it’s time to recharge

I've walked alongside many boutique agency owners, just like you, who feel overwhelmed by the constant demands of their work. 

My client, let’s call her Sarah, just finished writing a book. This was a project that consumed not only her professional hours, but also her personal time. This book was a big business goal, so Sarah was comfortable with the time trade—sacrificing her free time for work.

The thing is, Sarah became used to the inflated work hours. Once the book was finished, she was unsure how to prioritize her personal time again.

She felt a pang of guilt when she wasn’t working because she had become accustomed to work taking priority in her life. 

Perhaps you've just wrapped up a major project—one that likely consumed your professional and personal time. Now, it's time to take a step back and re-engage with your life outside of the business. Embracing this moment without guilt is crucial. 

This is the power of creating your LifeFlow Harmony™

Work-life balance is a term often tossed around, but for many, it feels elusive, almost mythical. 

The reality is, life doesn't balance perfectly.

Instead, it's about LifeFlow Harmony™—a dance where sometimes your personal life takes precedence, and other times, your professional life steps forward. 

Understanding and accepting this flow helps you find peace and fulfillment in both realms.

You've dedicated yourself to your project, pouring your creativity, energy, and time into it. It's natural to feel a bit lost now that the intensity has subsided. Like Sarah, you might even feel guilty for taking a break. But consider this …

Your mind and body must have rest to function at their best. Taking time out is not a luxury; it's essential for your well-being and continued success.

When you continually push yourself without allowing for recovery, you're not only risking burnout but also diminishing your effectiveness as a leader. 

You’re smart. You know this in your bones.  So why is it so difficult to reprioritize your personal time? 

When you finish a passion project, dopamine (the happy hormone) rushes through your body. 

You want more of that feeling. 

And your personal life might feel a bit hard to step back into because you haven’t been focusing on the fun things in your life outside of work.

Where to start? The decision may feel hard. Checking another TO DO off your list may feel easier and more rewarding in the moment.

I invite you to  consider this instead…

Imagine your life as a dance where sometimes your business leads, and at other times, your personal life takes the front. There are moments when work demands your full attention and others when your personal life needs you more. 

This ebb and flow is natural and healthy. By recognizing this, it becomes easier to release the guilt associated with stepping away from work and allow yourself to be fully present in your personal life.

⭐️ Reflect on what you've achieved with your recent project. 

⭐️ Celebrate your success.

⭐️ Acknowledge the hard work you've put in. 

⭐️Give yourself permission to recharge. 

And remind yourself of all the pleasure that awaits you in your personal life: spending time with loved ones, stepping back into your hobbies, or simply resting. Make a list of what brings you joy (and dopamine) in your life outside of work.

These moments of personal fulfillment are not just breaks from work; they’re essential parts of the rhythm that sustains you.

Embrace the idea of your LifeFlow Harmony™. Understand that it's okay for the scales to tip in different directions at different times. Your business and personal life  will benefit from a well-rested, inspired, and happy you. 

You've earned this time, and you deserve to enjoy it fully.