The unseen struggle of leadership | Imposter Syndrome

The unseen struggle of leadership

My friend, when it comes to showing up as an authentic leader of your agency, I believe there are two things that get in your way …

Either you regularly question your competence which causes you to listen to the internal whispers telling you you’re not good enough.


You second guess business decisions which stalls progress because you hesitate to pursue new opportunities or are overly cautious when pricing your services.

Both demonstrate how imposter syndrome impacts your leadership, rooted in a tendency to overvalue the opinions of others. 

In its raw form, Imposter Syndrome is believing that, underneath it all, you’re a fraud. You’re undeserving. You don’t belong. It’s that false belief that, for whatever reason, you just don’t measure up to everyone else.

It’s no wonder you feel paralyzed at times.

I’ve learned that no matter how confident you present on the outside, there are two conflicting stories you likely tell yourself …  

Yes I can and no I can’t

Yes I will and no I won’t. 

I’ve got this and I have no idea what I’m doing. 

I’m an expert and I’m a fraud.

I believe the path through Imposter Syndrome starts with recognizing your abilities and confronting your fears.

This is a process I call Confidence Calibration™. 

It's about shifting from spiraling in self-doubt to soaring in self-worth.

It begins with identifying the triggers for self-doubt, acknowledging the feelings they bring, and understanding the resulting action or inaction.

By reframing your beliefs, you redefine your outcomes.

Remember this …

Imposter Syndrome is nothing more than a thought you keep thinking – and it’s within your power to reshape it.

You have what it takes to do just that but it takes support, self-awareness and practice (lots of practice!)

I believe in you.

If Imposter Syndrome is holding you back from being the leader you know you can be, let's talk. There’s no charge for this conversation, it’s my gift—just click here and let’s get started.