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How to Shift Into Your CEO Mindset

When things are spinning it’s easy to lose sight of who you are in your business.

Being caught in the weeds, with your head down working IN the business can suck the joy out of BEING in your agency.

This is what I believe …

The way you think about your agency is how you show up in your agency.

Mic drop! 🎤

Here’s the point …

If you believe your agency depends on you to run it, you will design an agency that depends on you to run it.

Sounds straightforward, but if it makes you pause and get curious, that’s a good thing. It means you’re paying attention to who you want to BE in your business.

My friend, you can easily get caught in the weeds with all the DOING in your agency. There’s no shortage of work to check, clients to talk to, projects to approve, team to manage … the list is endless.

My question to you is this … 

While you’re caught in the weeds, who is leading your agency?

➡️ Who has their eye on the Big Picture?
➡️ Who is stewarding the vision?
➡️ Who is bringing in new clients and projects?

If you’re hearing crickets … the answer is deafening.

Let’s take this further …

While you’re busy running your business, you’re carrying a set of beliefs that are actually running you

Those beliefs have the power to shape how you feel being in your business.

My clients tell me this is how they feel …

➡️ powerless
➡️ joyless
➡️ resentful
➡️ angry
➡️ stuck

So, what kind of thinking makes for a productive agency owner? 

I call it The CEO Mindset™ and it’s the path to fully  stepping into your leadership role.  

Here’s my formula to help you step away from all the doing so you can become the CEO of your agency, unapologetically.

Think + Believe + Act


The first step is to think like the CEO you want to become. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

➡️ Who must I become to step into the role of CEO?
➡️ What activities will fill my focus as the CEO?
➡️ If I were to show up as that CEO, doing only those tasks, what impact would that make on my agency?


Beliefs are a little trickier because they stem from emotions and live in your subconscious. Here are some questions that to uncover why your may be resisting your CEO role: 

➡️ How does my body respond when I picture myself BEING the CEO?
➡️ When I picture myself  BEING the CEO, what do I see?
➡️ What stories am I holding onto that are keeping me from embracing the CEO Mindset?


Now that you know what may be holding you back from stepping into your leadership role, it’s time to start acting like the CEO. Leaders ask themselves these questions every day …

➡️ Is what I’m doing right now fulfilling the vision and mission of my agency?
➡️ What tasks can I delegate to create space in my schedule for more important work?
➡️ What action can I take today to bring us closer to achieving our goals?

My friend, you have what it takes to design your agency to run without you so you’re free to focus on doing only the work you love and that moves the needle on your agency’s growth.

Start by asking yourself the questions above and if you find the CEO Mindset™ still eludes you, click here to book your free Clarity Call and we’ll figure out your next right move.

I believe in you.

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