Where do YOU fit in?

There are so many moving parts to your growing agency, aren’t there?

The systems, processes and tools that keep the wheels turning in your business are the tip of the iceberg.

I used to focus all my energy on mastering these things. 

I’d sign up for programs that would show me how to launch a new offering, how to expand my email list, and how to sell my services.

And these are all important to have in your well-run agency.

Yet …

What if the HOWs didn’t matter?

People can tell you what to do and how to do it … but they can’t tell you how to feel so you can implement powerfully and purposefully and without hesitation.

Focusing only on the HOW overlooks the most crucial part of the process.


Where do YOU fit into your agency? The YOU that comes with your fears, limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome?

Accepting the true You is the hardest part of running your agency. Here’s what I mean …

  • You resist delegating – not because you don’t know HOW to hand off tasks, but because you don’t fully trust your team.  What if it’s not perfect and the client fires us?

  • You procrastinate – not because you don’t know HOW to use your time better, but because doing that thing opens you up to criticism. What if I’m found out?

  • You delay launching a new program or service – not because you don’t know HOW to launch it, but because putting something out into the world feels scary. What if no one buys?

  • You don't follow up with a prospect – not because you don’t know HOW to sell but because doing so feels highly uncomfortable. What if they say no?

These are the hard hurdles you face when you hold up the mirror to truly see the way you’re showing up in your business.  

In comparison, the HOW is straightforward. It’s the feelings that lurk behind the HOWs that you must pay attention to.

When you have the courage to accept all parts of yourself as the leader,  that’s when progress can be made.

I call this Authentic Alignment  

And it’s what takes you from spinning to soaring.

I’ve met so many accomplished entrepreneurs who create incredible offerings that sit untouched in a digital folder.

The feelings attached to the action keep them stuck.

Yes, the HOWs are important, but they're merely tools in your arsenal. What truly makes a difference is your willingness to confront your hesitations head-on.

And then confidently move forward anyway.

When your courage supports your actions, then you’ll be able to make the progress you want.

So, as you navigate the intricacies of running your agency, remember to prioritize your inner growth alongside the external strategies that allow your agency to expand.

Because in the end, it's not just about how you do things – it's about who you are as you do them.