It’s a matter of trust

When my kids were young, I decided to hire a nanny in order for me to grow my web consulting agency.

This was a big deal. It meant believing someone else could care for my children as well as I could.

To have faith that someone else could make their peanut butter sandwiches as deliciously as I could.

It was our nanny’s first day,  and there I was, racked with panic, guilt and anxiety.  

My instinct was to hover. 

I needed to know she was choosing the right coat to keep them warm, packing their knapsacks with the right pencils and notebooks, and taking them to school using the safest route.

I remember it vividly. As if it were yesterday.

It was a similar feeling to hiring  my first, graphic designer, usability architect and business manager.

As I took the leap to build my team, I had one thing that served as my parachute. 


Without trust,  you'll remain stuck in the chaos that comes with running your growing agency

Great systems or hiring a VA are only part of the answer.

Growth begins and ends with trust.

Without it, the evolution of your agency will remain elusive because you’ll continue to prioritize micromanagement over leadership. 

More than that, your team will feel your mistrust as you continue to check in on things … as you continue to hover.

Your trust must match your business’s growth.

The ultimate expression of trust is to hand over tasks you once deemed solely yours …

and then step away having faith in your team’s capability. 

It can feel as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich, if you let it.

You’ve got this … and more.