The truth about your broken boundaries

Boundaries: Do you crave better ones yet feel unable to set and protect them?

A client once asked me: What’s the point of setting boundaries when my clients keep breaking them?

I shared with her the truth about that statement: 

You are the only person who can break your boundaries.

Many business owners I meet share this common predicament.

They want better boundaries yet they continue to break them.

You see, breaking your own boundaries is an indication that you’ve accepted as true three pervasive myths. 

Let’s dispel those myths so you can move forward with building up better ones …

Myth 1: Setting boundaries will drive away my clients

Reality Check: The truth is, setting clear boundaries actually attracts the right clients and nurtures healthy relationships.

Can you feel that shift in perspective?

By establishing boundaries, you can manage expectations, deliver consistent service, and create a remarkable client experience. 

And you know what happens when you do that?

Client loyalty blossoms and those satisfied people become your biggest fans, spreading the word.

So let go of that fear, and trust that by setting boundaries, you’re creating a magnet for the right clients, forging connections that will grow your business.

Myth 2: Boundaries make me seem rigid and inflexible

Reality Check: Boundaries can be as flexible as a contortionist, adapting to different situations with ease.

They create a structure for effective communication, workload management, and task prioritization. And guess what? They can be tweaked and adjusted to fit specific circumstances, all while maintaining that precious balance you crave.

Boundaries aren’t about constriction; they’re about empowerment and finding harmony in the chaotic dance of business.

Myth 3: Boundaries mean I’m not committed to my business: 

Reality Check: Boundaries are a reflection of self-awareness, self-care, and the art of leading your time, energy and team like a boss.

They show the world that you’ve got what it takes to prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and make informed decisions. And guess what?

All of these amazing qualities are what pave the way to building your thriving business without burning out.

So embrace them, because they’re the secret sauce that will take your business to new heights.

By establishing your boundaries, you create a harmonious balance in your life, honouring your needs and allowing yourself to thrive.

And guess what?

That translates into sustainable success for your business and a more peaceful way of leading your life. 

If you’re struggling to protect your boundaries, know that it’s normal.

I’ve helped many business owners just like you remove the obstacles that stand between you and the limitations that come with setting and protecting your boundaries.

That’s when they see how easy it can be to work with ease and elegance. I can show you how too.

Let’s talk free of charge during a Clarity Call about how I can help you build the thriving business you deserve, without broken boundaries and burning out.

Reach out to schedule a free call today.

You’ve got this!

Here’s to better boundaries in your work and life.

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