😔 You’re working longer hours than you should (do this instead)

This is about overcoming subcontractor skepticism.

Recently, I had a heart-to-heart with a freelancer who harbored expansive dreams for her writing business. 

Despite the grand aspirations, she found herself caught in a solo act, juggling client projects while experiencing the inevitable wear and tear on her own well-being.

The desire to expand her business tugged at her, yet the thought of bringing on subcontractors triggered a wave of resistance. In her mind, managing people seemed complicated and decidedly unenjoyable.

In her own words:

"Things are FINE the way they are. Why rock the boat?"

Ah, the allure of 'FINE'—a comfort zone that keeps work obligations bleeding into personal space, leaving one feeling depleted and stretched thin. 

'FINE' has a way of holding you back, preventing you from realizing your full potential and earning the income you truly deserve.

But, here's the catch. When you feel the urge to resist change, it's often a sign that you're beginning to outgrow your comfort zone. That whisper you hear? It's the glimmer of a desire to leap into something bigger than just yourself—a boutique agency, perhaps.

I witness this journey with my clients frequently. The pull is there, but so are the excuses. The excuses that keep you standing still, wearing all the hats, even if it grinds you down.

Now, let's address three common reasons behind the resistance to hiring subcontractors and uncover the reality behind these self-narratives.

Excuse #1: Loss of Control

Bringing subcontractors on board means relinquishing control over projects. Maintaining a unique touch and ensuring consistency in quality become primary concerns for you.

Reframe: While control is vital, subcontracting injects valuable expertise. Specialized skills allow you to tackle diverse projects without compromising quality. It's not about losing control but gaining a collaborative edge.

Excuse #2: Financial Concerns

The fear of additional expenses and uncertainties about ROI can make financial worries a significant roadblock.

Reframe: Subcontracting is cost-effective. Tapping into specialized talent as needed, reducing overhead costs and ensuring financial flexibility. Scalability allows you to take on more projects without a hefty permanent payroll.

Excuse #3: Fear of Client Expectations

Believing clients exclusively want your personal expertise creates a worry that introducing subcontractors might lead to  a sense of falling short of their expectations or, in other words, disappointing them.

Reframe: While clients value the owner's expertise, subcontractors often enhance the client experience. Curating a team of skilled professionals ensures clients benefit from specialized knowledge.

If you're resistant to the idea of bringing on subcontractors, I get it. I've been there, and I understand the allure of control. 

What I know is this … when you build a team, you free yourself from day-to-day operations, focusing on what you love most. Your boutique agency will soar to new heights, and you'll be amazed at the incredible time and freedom you gain back.

You've got this and I believe in you!