let's talk Artificial intelligence for your agency

Let’s talk about AI for your agency

Spectrum PR was where it all started for me.

I was a newly minted public relations professional who was ready to take on the world!

This funky boutique agency was in the heart of downtown Toronto, the big city for a small town girl like me.

As I strolled into the office I was greeted by exposed brick walls and stylish workstations.

It was love at first sight.

And I felt totally cool.

My role was account coordinator and my main task was writing promotional copy for clients in the tourism industry.

One of my first projects was crafting press releases for the Jamaica Tourist Board.

Being the youngest person in the agency, I was excited to use the latest technology to get the job done.

This was my tech tool of choice: a DOS computer tucked away in the agency’s storage room, squished behind shelves of paper, pens and paper clips.

AI for your agency

I was one of two people who knew how to use it.

The others resisted because:

=>They preferred the way they had always done things.

=> They didn’t understand how it would help them do their work better.

=> They were sure this computer would take their job.

All of these hesitations were completely understandable. Using technology can feel scary.

Today, as we start to understand AI and its potential, many agency owners are resisting it. Fears that it will replace human jobs or will stifle creativity are common concerns.

What I know is this … in the dynamic realm of boutique creative agencies, staying ahead of the curve is not just a choice – it's a necessity.

With technology rapidly evolving, integrating AI into your creative workflow and operations isn’t a threat but an opportunity.

Here’s the thing to remember …

To deal with your concerns, it's important to first seek to understand and then plan how to use AI effectively, ethically and responsibly.

I’m on a mission to end entrepreneurial exhaustion. AI is one way to get there.

AI’s potential to transform agency operations is growing. According to a survey conducted by Forbes, 64% of businesses say that AI will improve business productivity, and 42% believe it will streamline processes.

I’m using AI to free up time and effort in my own business and in my clients' agencies. Here’s how:

=> Creating responses to streamline client inquiries.

=> Automating processes for sales, client delivery and marketing.

=> Researching industry trends, competitor analysis, customer demographics.

In these areas alone, you can reclaim hours from your workday, optimize how things get done and conserve substantial amounts of effort. This directly affects your bottom line by expanding your profitability potential.

You can bet my colleagues who resisted that DOS computer, now all have smartphones, use computers and have experimented with ChatGPT.

If you want to find out how you can leverage AI in your agency so you can make more money doing less work –  let's talk.