Are you truly leading your agency?

Do you see yourself as the leader of your agency?

Recently I’ve been speaking to a lot of agency owners and I asked them this exact question. 

The answers vary, yet they all have one thing in common. There”s a long pause before the response.

What I love about this is it means the question causes them to dig deeper for the answer. It doesn’t simply roll off their tongue toward a natural Yes!

This is a clue that they’ve fallen into the hidden trap of agency ownership: they’re not truly leading, they’re still DOING.

It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of running your
agency, isn't it? 

But here's the thing: many of us might be suffering from something I call "the leadership illusion." It's not a magic trick; it's more like a blind spot that can hold back your business’s growth and personal development.

And that’s why it’s important to see it for what it is, and then snap out of it.

The leadership illusion is when you think you're leading your agency like a CEO, but in reality, you're not. It's not about fancy titles or corner offices; it's about the actual impact you have on your team and the direction of your agency.

Here are some signs that you might be stuck in the leadership illusion:

=> Being a Control Freak: You're too involved in every little thing your team does, making them feel like you're micromanaging them. This can stifle their creativity and frustrate them.

=> Short-Term Tunnel Vision: You're all about the here and now, focusing on immediate tasks, and neglecting the bigger picture. This short-sighted view can mean missed opportunities for growth and innovation.

=> Change Hesitation: You resist new technologies, trends, or strategies, which can leave your agency stuck in the past in an industry that's always evolving.

=> Failing to Delegate: You're the bottleneck in your agency. You feel you can't or won't hand off responsibilities, which limits your team's growth and your ability to think strategically.

=> Communication Confusion: Your team often has no clue about your agency's vision and goals because you haven't explained them clearly or set expectations.

=> Founder’s Syndrome: You believe no one can deliver results like you can, and your clients only want to work with you. This belief slows down progress, hinders growth and will leave you feeling depleted.   

Now that we know what the leadership illusion is, let's talk about how to bust out of it so you can become the real leader of your agency:

=> Trust Your Team:
Give your team more control and let them own their work. Delegating tasks not only eases your workload but also makes your team more accountable and motivated.

=> Look Ahead: Shift your gaze from the daily grind to the bigger picture. Create a clear vision for your agency's future and make a plan to get there. This is a crucial first step when I work with my clients..

=> Embrace Change: Be open to new ideas, technologies and trends. Encourage your team to explore innovative approaches.

=> Talk the Talk: Regularly share your agency's mission, vision, and values with your team. Make sure everyone knows their role in achieving these goals.

=> Mentor and Grow: Invest in your team's development. Offer training and guidance to help them grow personally and professionally.

=> Self-Check: Take a moment to reflect on your leadership style. Are you being a true leader, or are you still stuck in the illusion? Ask your team for feedback and be open to improving.

My friend, the leadership illusion is a sneaky trap that many agency owners fall into, and it can hold back your business's success and ability to feel good running it.

True leadership involves trust, a long-term view, adaptability, clear communication, and a commitment to growth. So, as an agency owner, it’s your responsibility to break free from the illusion and lead your business with focus, purpose, vision, and clarity. 

By doing this, your agency will thrive and you’ll enjoy BEING in your business a whole lot more.

Here’s to you filling bigger shoes in your business!