Why time management won’t cut it anymore

Let’s talk about what’s on every entrepreneur's mind: time management. 

In other words: How can I do more with my day… even if I’m already working crazy hours?! 

You know that feeling that you get? The one that comes with a strong urge to clone yourself five times just so you can make a dent in your task list? 

Yes, I know it, too.

But there is only one incredibly talented you (there goes that plan!). And the to-dos just keep adding up, no matter how much you chip away at them.

So what to do?

… Bring in technology to save the day through automation?

… Systematize so you can scale up your business?

… Clear your plate by delegating tasks? 

Hint: it’s none of the above. Because here’s the thing:

What you’re experiencing feels like an operational problem, but it’s not. It’s an energy problem. It’s a focus problem.

That means no matter how many time hacks, systemization techniques and hiring frenzies you go through, you’ll still remain stuck, exactly where you are. 

Until you re-imagine the way you work and intentionally design your business to keep you in your brilliance every single day.

So, my advice? Stop trying to manage your time (that’s a myth anyway!) and start learning to work with focus and flow.

Time isn’t the key to running your business with ease. You are the key. Grow your focus muscle. Manage your energy. And radically shift your business so that you get to thrive in your Zone of Brilliance on a daily basis, doing the work you love most.

That’s when things will really shift for you.

And it’s 100% possible! 


P.S. I’d love to hear from you:  What is your Zone of Brilliance? In an ideal world, what would you be spending your precious time and energy doing, most of the time?