Where are you hiding in your business?

When my kids were young, they loved to play hide-and-go-seek. They’d spend hours carefully planning the exact spot to conceal themselves with the intent of never being found.

As I was leading a group coaching session with my clients, I realized how many of us play the same game within our businesses.

We hide out, secretly not wanting to be found.

Let me ask you a powerful question I ask my clients who feel stuck …

Where are you hiding in your business?

At first they don’t realize this is what they’re doing until they start getting curious and digging deeper.

That’s what this question does …

It lifts the cover off your hiding spots.

Here are 5 places you may be hiding in your business:

Shiny Objects

These often appear as “great ideas” or “creative sparks”.  Sometimes that’s what they are; however, often they divert your attention away from moving you away from your bigger purpose.


These are typically low value tasks (think administrative work). I call these junkfood tasks that clutter your calendar and deplete your energy. They’re sneaky hiding places because they give you the feeling of being productive yet they’re actually stalling your growth.


This is where perfectionists love to hide away. In an attempt to make sure everything is just right, they postpone their progress.

Taking Courses

When you feel like you don’t know “enough”, signing up for more courses and credentials is a great place to hide. You’ll know you’re hiding here when you’ve signed up for a bunch of courses you never complete. (We’ve all been there!)


This hiding place leads to analysis paralysis. Thoughts and ideas are trapped and spinning in your head serving only to interrupt your momentum.

If any of these sound familiar, take comfort in knowing you join other business owners who are secretly hiding in their businesses.

Now you’ve found out where you’re hiding, here’s another question for you to answer …

What are you hiding from?

Take a moment and get completely honest with yourself.

Here are some common and candid answers shared by my clients:

=> Failure
=> Rejection
=> Judgment
=> Shame
=> Criticism
=> Being “found out”
=> Success

Hiding in your business can feel comfortable. Now we’ve lifted the cover, the next step is your choice.

My last question to you is this …

Will you keep hiding or is it time to reveal yourself as the amazing entrepreneur you are?

P.S. If you’re ready to stop hiding so you can create your purposeful and profitable business, book a Clarity Call with me here.