3 confidence killers and how to fix them

3 confidence killers and how to fix them

I used to be surprised when my business hit a bump in the road that sent me into a haze of self-doubt and self-criticism.

This was especially true back in the days when I had my own web consulting agency.

At that time, I chalked it up to …

A - There wasn’t enough work to go around.

B - I wasn’t good enough, especially in relation to others in my industry.

C - My service wasn’t valuable enough for prospects to spend money on it. 

A common theme to all of these thoughts was that I wasn’t enough.

And that took direct aim at my internal belief system and my confidence … as a practitioner, a business owner and as a person.

After spending way too long in my own pity party, I attended an incredible two-day event in a room filled with other business owners.

My friend, it rocked my world! 

Up until then, I thought I was the only person traveling the rocky road of entrepreneurship. I was the only one feeling shame that I wasn’t enough to lead, run and own a “successful” business.

Those two days changed my outlook on how I was showing up inside and outside of my business.

I came away with a better perspective on what it means to BE a business owner (and a human).  

What I know is this …

These bumps are intentional. While they may feel like confidence killers at the time, they’re actually there for you to hone your resilience, get creative in how you move through them, and ultimately boost your confidence and self esteem.

Here are 3 common confidence killers and how you can start to fix them:   

1. Clients Leaving

One thing that can really test your confidence is when clients decide to leave. When it happens it may feel like rejection and a judgment of your value and worth, which leads to self criticism.  In truth, it's part of the natural ebb and flow of your business. To stay confident:

=> Detach your own worth from the outcome. Have exit interviews to find out why clients leave and see where you can improve and make your agency better. The true reason is usually not as bad as your mind has made it out to be.

2. Money Worries

Money troubles can be a big confidence killer. As a business owner you may feel stressed about cash flow, uncertain income, and whether you can pay your bills and team. You may also feel that money is the most important indicator of your success. To rise above this confidence killer:

=> Make a plan with clear predictions for your income and expenses. Working with your bookkeeper and accountant allows you to feel supported and ensures the financial health of your business is being monitored. Feel free to borrow my mantra: “Money is not a measure of my worth.”

3. Feeling Like a Fake

Ever felt like you're not as good as people say you are? This feeling is called imposter syndrome. Most business owners face it. To help keep imposter syndrome at bay:

=> Think about all the things you've accomplished and the value you bring to your clients. Have a brag book. Read client testimonials and ask yourself, “How true is this belief? Where is the proof?”

My friend, running your own business is a unique adventure that requires a mix of skills like leadership, creativity, adaptability and mostly, self kindness.  

By facing the challenges that take direct aim at your confidence with a positive attitude and a mindset of learning from them, you can stay confident and feel good in your business. 

Remember these setbacks are there for a reason. It’s up to you to decide how you want to move through them.

You've got this!