Three words that will change everything

This is Part 3 of a three-part series to help you master the art of delegation.

I believe the bravest words a high-achieving entrepreneur can say is this …

“Will you help?

Often, speaking these words triggers a physical reaction that can make your heart race, your palms moisten, and might require some practice to confidently and clearly vocalize them.

Similar to when you say “I love you” for the first time!

Inside you may feel like a flopping fish.

And then the stories come …

=> This will only take me a few minutes. I’ll just do it myself.
=> It will take me more time to explain it. I’ll just do it myself.
=> No one can do it like I can do it. I’ll just do it myself.

My friend, those stories will turn you inside out faster than a tornado in a teacup, leaving you disoriented and caught in a tempest of self-doubt and exhaustion. 

I was recently at an event where accolades, praise and deep thanks were given to a volunteer who worked tirelessly on a project. She was praised for “abandoning” her family responsibilities, “answering emails in the wee hours” and saying “yes to every request that came her way.”

The audience cheered and clapped.

Except me.

Well, I cheered and clapped on the outside, but on the inside I was sad.

I see this all the time.  Perhaps you have too … or maybe you were that person who never said no and received the praise and accolades as your prize.

In my head I thinking …

=> She must be exhausted and burnt out.
=> Where was her team to whom she could delegate and share the load?
=> I wonder if she’ll have the energy to do it next year?

It wasn’t pity or judgment I was feeling, nor self righteousness. 

It was a feeling of annoyance that we (especially women) keep embracing the DIY Habit … whether it’s inside or outside of our businesses. 

And then we celebrate when we’re about to drop to the floor exhausted and empty, lost in the knowledge that we’ve sacrificed our well-BEING for something else.

My intention is not to be unfair to her dedication – she’s clearly passionate about being of service to something she believes in.

I get that. But at what cost? 

The truth is it’s not sustainable.

It's time to rewrite the narrative, to embrace the power of saying those three words … 

Will you help? 

True, not all things are suitable for delegation. 

It’s your job to filter out tasks that don't require your unique brilliance, expertise or passion. And to be brave enough to let them go.

How often have you toiled doing work that left you feeling depleted and resentful? 

We all have. 

The more we’re tied to the DIY mindset, the more we habitually do-it-all. 

You’re smart. You know that by freeing up your time from tasks that don’t require your unique brilliance, you can focus on strategic activities that move you toward the bigger picture you have for yourself and your business.

You also know (but may have forgotten) the profound sense of relief that washes over you when tasks that have weighed on your shoulders are lifted away, all thanks to the expertise of capable individuals

My friend, you get to place a premium on your precious time, energy and brilliance … and protect it at all costs.

You get to say, Will you help?

Most importantly, you get to step into the role of your business's visionary leader rather than remaining a jack-of-all-trades employee.

You deserve to only do the work you love and to feel good in your business. Always and all ways.