How big is big enough?

When it comes to your business, do you believe size matters?

Do you buy into the idea that a bigger, scalable business is the only way to go?

If you do, it's no wonder.  

Everywhere you turn there’s a wave of hype surrounding what success “should” mean. 

Spend a few minutes on social media and you’ll easily find someone boasting about their revenue, or claiming that a small business equates to a mindset issue. 

Some messages even tell you it’s your responsibility to scale.

The pressure to achieve those jaw-dropping numbers can be overwhelming, leading you to believe that more money equates to more happiness.

Yet, as someone who works closely with clients of all business sizes, I invite you to consider another perspective. 

Many dream of creating a business that aligns with their desired way of living. A business that affords them the freedom to live where they want, work on their own schedule, and cherish every precious moment life has to offer.

A business that empowers them to do the work they love, instead of delegating that away in pursuit of being bigger. 

This brings to mind the reason I left corporate to pursue my first consulting business.

I was at a career crossroads. 

I loved writing. And as a Communications Coordinator, within a financial company I got to do a lot of that. It brought me joy to be in my craft everyday. 

My brilliance was creating compelling content. My paintbrush was words.

My boss spent her days going to meetings, managing people and monitoring budgets. 

The trajectory of my career would lead me to a position similar to hers, if I wanted a bigger title and a bigger salary.

No thank you.

I wanted to always do the work that allowed me to stay in my brilliance.

So I left and started my first consulting business.

Twenty years later, what I love most about my business is I get to do the work I love to do.

Perhaps it’s not as highly scaled as some of the so-called gurus tell me I should be building to achieve their version of success.

The power behind my business is it’s big enough for the life I choose to live.

This story serves as a gentle reminder that sometimes, you get so caught up chasing bigger numbers that you lose sight of what matters most to you.

It challenges you to create a business that is big enough for your goals and dreams, instead of what others tell you we should want.

What I believe and advocate for is a big enough business – one that only you can define. 

You get to decide what "big enough" means, realizing this will change as you evolve in your business journey.

It's about finding that sweet spot between passion, purpose, and personal fulfillment – a space where work and life align harmoniously.

So, my friend, I invite you to contemplate what your big enough business looks and feels like. 

This clarity will guide you towards making the right decisions and pursuing a business that fits your aspirations, the life you wish to lead, and the success you truly want.

When it comes to answering the question, How big is big enough? … the choice is always, and only, yours to make.