Read this if your messy office drains you

Read this if your messy office drains you

Want to know a secret about my past?

I used to be a professional organizer. Productive workspaces was my thing.

The reason I followed this path was because I was addicted to the feeling of calm, confidence and composure that comes when everything is in its place.  

I wanted to bring this feeling to others. Particularly women running busy businesses.

Until I realized, it was the feeling I wanted them to achieve, not the actual organizing of all-the-things a productive workspace should have.

And that’s what led me to where I am today (with a couple of twists along the way) … coaching purpose-driven professionals to do their best work by being their best selves. 

Which brings me to our third Focus Force … Environmental.

The Environmental Focus Force is about creating the conditions for you to be fully energized and engaged with your work.   

Key ingredients to having a productive workspace are having a clutter-free space with optimal lighting, a comfortable temperature, and an ergonomic set up. 

Studies show that your physical environment plays a significant role in your productivity and creativity. 

Here’s how that looks in real life …

I have a client who thrives working with others around her.  The ambient noise fuels her creativity and she’s able to move through her writing with ease.  When composing her blogs she chooses to relocate from her quiet (yet distracting) home office to a bustling coffee shop.

Admittedly, some environmental factors are beyond your control –  you can’t stop the rain or snow; however, what’s within your control is how you approach the situation. 

It comes down to 3 important choices:

You can choose to leave the environment and go elsewhere as my client did. 

You can choose to upgrade your existing environment with better lighting, less clutter and enhanced ergonomics. 

You can choose to change your perspective of the environment. This is perhaps the most powerful choice. Instead of allowing the conditions to diminish your energy, choose the response that elevates it.

Here’s another real life example of all three choices in action …

Recently, I moved from a large, private office with a window … to a much smaller and noisier space without a window.  At first, I had a pity party, and then I made my choices.

=> Depending on what I’m working on, I moved to a room with natural light. 

=> I invested in an ergonomic setup and improved the lighting.

=> Rather than seeing the space as small and cramped, I now see it as small and mighty!

My invitation to you is to look around your environment and ask yourself how you feel in it, and about it.

Does it inspire and energize you? 

If not, consider how you might change it.

This is what I help my clients do every day … find energy leaks in how they work so they can banish busy and work powerfully.

Perhaps you’re curious about what that might look like for you or whether that would even be possible.  Let’s have 30 minutes to chat and discuss it here

I offer a free exploratory session where you’ll tell me about your current situation, what’s not working, where you ideally want to be in running your business and I help you map out a plan to get there.

And if we seem to be a right fit for each other, we’ll talk about what it would look like with me accompanying you on your journey out of busy and burnout.  This is a path so many of my wonderful clients have walked toward a better way of working.

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I can’t wait to hear more about you!