Here’s how to set yourself up for success

This is the first of a 4-part series on optimizing your focus so you can DO your best work and BE your best self.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how rested, relaxed and ready are you to achieve your goals this year?

If you’re jumping out of your seat shouting “hell ya I’m a 10+!!” then I’m right beside you cheering you on. 

If you’re coming in at a 6 or below, I can completely relate.

That was me last year.

I had a low-grade energy temperature of 6.

No matter how hard I tried to raise my energy, it remained low.

And it’s no wonder. There was so much going on in my world both personally and professionally.  My energy (and focus) was being impacted on every level.

(When I refer to energy, I’m referring to how you show up in the world based on your level of consciousness, awareness and personal power.)

That’s when I dove into my coaching toolkit and dusted off what I call the Focus Forces. 

These are powerful factors that have a direct impact on your capacity to do your best work and be your best self.

The Focus Forces are 

  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Environment
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Physical

These Focus Forces can either work for you or block you from showing up as your best self each day.

Think of it this way, anytime you feel that you’re not doing your best work, and more importantly feeling good while you’re doing it, something is getting in the way of you accessing your highest energy. 

When you’re able to access your highest energy, that’s when you experience flow … a state where time seems to stand still and you are completely engaged with what you’re doing.

And as I always say …

Your energy influences your focus, and your focus impacts your results.

When you feel scattered, spinning and chaotic, chances are your energy is low, which means it’s draining you and causing stress.

These are the ingredients for burnout. 

When you feel fully focused, calm and in flow, your energy is high, which promotes joy, abundance and creativity.

These are the ingredients to unlock your unlimited potential.

It’s the difference between things happening TO you and things happening BECAUSE OF you.

Have you ever felt this way? Despite your best efforts for heightened productivity your best work feels out of reach. 

Maybe you’ve tried following the latest “time management” trick, bought a fancy new planner or tried a new productivity app.  None of these attempts bring you closer to the results you want.

This is completely natural and I see it all the time with the clients I work with.

They come to me because they want to feel calm, confident and in control while they work. 

When I tell them this is more than an operational problem, it’s a focus challenge, I see the lights come on.

This is the pivotal point where we can make some powerful changes happen.

The same is true for you.  Remember, you are a human BEING not a human DOING.

Next week we’ll look at the Spiritual Focus Force, which is often overlooked. It’s what connects you to your mission, vision and purpose.

Until then, here’s to you DOING your best work and BEING your best self in the year, days and moments ahead.