Three Ways to Thrive in Your Business Next Year

Three Ways to Thrive in Your Business Next Year

As this year draws to a close … and you start looking toward the year ahead … I encourage you to answer this question …

Where do I fit into the Annual Business Plan? Do you plan to thrive in your business?

This is such an important question that seldom gets included in the traditional planning model.

I see this all the time … and maybe it’s something that hasn’t yet crossed your mind either.

If this is the case, it’s no surprise … it never occurred to me either to include this in my planning process.

Sometimes you get so focused on the revenue you want to generate, the number of clients you want to serve and the new services you want to deliver … you forget about where YOU fit into the picture.

After all .. you are the CEO and your business’s most valuable asset, right?

So let’s make room for you in your Annual Business Plan?

I’m going to show you how simple doing that can be.

First, determine how many weeks of vacation do you want?  That’s right … book your time off right now. Doing this seemingly easy task gets more difficult as the year ramps up and work gets busy.

Secondly, expand your mind. What conferences will you attend? What books do you want to read? What masterclasses will you watch? All of these things enrich your way of thinking and broaden your perspective.

Last … but not least … what connections will you make next year?  Perhaps there’s a mastermind you’d like to join to help you grow and lead your business better. Do some research, have conversations and make it happen.

When there’s room for YOU to thrive in your Annual Business Plan .. you’ll feel more excited and inspired than if it’s just numbers and strategy.

And when you can see who you’ll become in the year ahead … it’s even more powerful.