It’s time for a reality check

I’m about to let you off the hook. 

It’s been holding you hostage for far too long … leaving you spinning in perfection paralysis and feeling like you’re failing. 

First a story … 

I remember back in my youth, I used to love reading teen magazines. When I say read, I was really only looking at the pictures. Seeing all those smooth, sassy, flawless girls left me wishing … 

 … if I only I could be like them. 

Then as I grew older and got my own apartment, I started looking at home decorating magazines. Seeing the perfectly placed furniture, the beautiful accessories, and everything in its place left me thinking … 

 … if only my home could look like this. 

And now as a business owner, I’m drawn into social media and the interweb … scrolling past all those uber-successful entrepreneurs who seem to have it all figured out. And it leaves me wondering … 

… why can’t I be as successful as they are? 

And that my friend … is where I draw the line, dig in my heels and say enough is enough. 

You are officially off the hook from perfection paralysis, comparison-itis … and FOMO (fear of missing out.) 

Like me, you’ve probably grown up on a steady diet that perfection is preferred in every corner of your life. 

The same goes for your business. 

So, I’m letting you off the hook, right now. I’m here to tell you after 20+ years
running my own show that … 

It’s okay to not want to scale to seven or eight figures … and by the way, this isn’t necessarily a mindset issue. 

It’s okay to be okay with wanting to have a small and mighty business where you call the shots.

It’s okay to say NO to complicated sales funnels with built-in automations. 

It’s okay to feel like there are so many things to figure out and get done, and not knowing how that’s going to happen is ok too. 

And it’s okay to not tick off all the boxes on your TO-DO List everyday. 

You see, that’s what it really feels like to run a business. 

It’s uncut, real and raw. 

So, embrace your imperfection. 

Celebrate your missteps. 

Rejoice in all that you do get done. 

And show up as the best, most authentic YOU possible … each and every day.  That is what being a business owner is all about.

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