Read this if you are trying to break the Busy habit

I just returned from a four-day car trip to take my youngest to university.

The thought of spending four solid days in the car wasn’t inspiring me. At least at first.

What would I fill my time with?

I won’t lie. I was feeling a bit anxious about the whole thing.

Let’s face it … there’s only so much Netflix to watch and podcasts to listen to before boredom sets in.

So with three podcasts and a couple of episodes under my belt, I decided to reframe boredom and see it as an antidote to busyness.

And that’s when I allowed myself to sit back and just BE.


To …









I realized, this is what BEING feels like … and it felt SO good.


My question to you is this …


When was the last time you intentionally allowed yourself to slow down?

If it’s a stretch to recall that moment in time when you could just BE, you’re in good company.

I know from working with so many business owners, it’s easy to allow the busy (a term coined by one of my clients) to divert your journey away from what matters most, toward more hustle, striving and eventual burnout.

Many entrepreneurs come to me because they’re searching for a path toward a better way of doing business.

Sound familiar?


If so, let’s make it happen with this one small (and mighty) step …


Take a moment to pause.

Allow yourself to catch your breath, re-engage your senses and reconnect with what matters most.

Yes, it can be that easy, if you let it.

If you feel resistance rise, or hear the familiar objections of why pausing isn’t possible for you, allow those thoughts in and gently invite them to the sidelines.


Challenge yourself to embrace the unfamiliar feeling of spaciousness.

I finished my car trip wanting you to know there is a way out of the busy. To reclaim your focus and reconnect to the potent power within you.

My belief is when you break busy, there’s no limit to what’s possible for you and your business.

Let’s break busy together as we celebrate our wins, give gratitude and set our intentions for the week ahead.


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