Transform your TO DO list into a TA-DA List

A handy productivity trick that is going to change things for you and how you feel about all the work that you’re getting done in your business. No doubt you have a mile-long TO DO list that never seems to get done.

As I tell all my clients … you’ll never get to the end of that list. It’s virtually impossible.

This isn’t meant to bring you down … it’s just a reality check from me to you!

However, there is something you can do on your journey along your list that will boost your momentum, increase your productivity and give you more energy in what you are accomplishing.

It’s called the TA-DA List and this productivity technique shifts is based on abundance and not scarcity, which is what makes it so powerful.

Watch today’s video where I’ll let you in on this well-kept productivity secret (the best-known gurus don’t even talk about it) and how you can implement it easily right now. You’ll even get a peek at my TA-DA List!

The TA-DA List shifts your focus to what you HAVE achieved (abundance) rather than on what you haven’t (scarcity). If you’re like many business owners, your list is a reminder of all the things that have yet to get done.

And that will cause your energy and momentum to hit rock bottom.

On the other hand, your TA-DA List celebrates everything that you’ve accomplished. Something that often gets overlooked when you’re caught up in the busyness of your day-to-day.

So how do you create your TA-DA List?

The beauty is in its simplicity.

Here’s how it works.

When you’ve finished something on your list, simply check it off and then write it on your TA-DA List. You can use something as simple as a sticky note or as sophisticated as a Word document.

Whatever is easiest for you.

The key is to not overthink where you write it … just do it.

Look for hidden treasures in your TA-DA List

When you look carefully at your TA-DA List, you’ll likely see some hidden treasures buried in it. These will become powerful lessons learned that you can use to tackle your TO DOs in the future.

When you review your TA-DA List, ask yourself … “How did I accomplish it?”

Patterns will reveal themselves to you on how you most effectively get things done in your business.

If you want to stop spinning and start soaring, start your TA-DA list and watch the magic happen.

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