3 Essential Tech Tools for Working Remotely

These days, you’re probably on-the-go and rely on your technology to keep you connected.

There are three tech tools I use when I’m working remotely and they’ve given me a lot of freedom and flexibility in my business.

Like you, I’m often working in different locations. I’m either travelling, moving between meetings, or working from my home or cottage offices.

Wherever I am, I must have access to my files and be able to communicate with my clients and team to make sure projects move along and I get my work done. 

There are three tech tools that are crucial to making sure all that happens.

If you’re wondering what three essential tech tools are necessary to keep you connected and working with ease and flow while you’re on the go, you’ll want to watch this video.

Video Conferencing 

The first tool is your video conferencing tool. I use Zoom and love it. I use Zoom for client meetings, to talk to my team, and for my Business Breakthrough calls with prospective clients.   

Zoom allows me to stay connected and be face-to-face with my team, my clients, and my prospects at any given time. 

Cloud Storage

When your files are in the cloud, you’re able to access them from anywhere on any device.

I use Google Drive, but Dropbox is another great solution for cloud storage as well. Both allow me and my team to access these documents and collaborate if needed. The important thing is to have access to all of your information no matter where you are working. 

Project Management

The third tool is your project management tool. I use Teamwork and it’s a game-changer. Teamwork helps keep all of my projects and client work on track. Teamwork ensures nothing slips through the cracks and I have peace of mind knowing exactly what’s going on in my business no matter where I am.

What sets Teamwork apart from all the other project management tools I’ve tried is it has productivity features baked into it. There’s a lot of tech tools on the market that promise you the world, but what they lack is productivity features. This means there’s no easy way for you to plan or prioritize your workload.  

These three tech tools will help you stay connected so you get your important work done while you’re on the go. When you bring these tools into your business you’ll be able to work efficiently wherever you’re located.