How to push past your fear - Part 3

How to Push Past Your Fear – Part 3


This is Part 3 of a three-part series talking about fear and how to overcome it so you can reach higher and rise to your full potential.

In part one, you realized how you can recognize fear when it enters your business and your life.

In part two, you reframed your fear so you can see the opportunity that lies beyond it.

And today, it’s all about recommitting. Recommitting to that big thing you want to do and achieve.

When you recommit to your mission, vision and goals … all of a sudden, the fear that has been holding you back doesn’t feel so terrifying anymore.

The simple act of recommitting gives you time to pause and regain your composure to move forward with the confidence that may not have been there when fear was your way.

When you’re coming from a place of calm and composure, you can recommit to making your dreams and goals happen.

You can recommit to placing your focus where it must be, and taking those next steps that will lead you closer to what it is you want to accomplish.

Recommitting in itself is incredibly powerful because it’s fueled by your drive, determination and passion.

When you recommit, you can feel energy filling you … where once the fear had depleted you.

Use that energy …

Use the bravery, confidence and fearlessness to move past fear to achieve the results you desire … and reach your full potential.

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