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3 Ways to Love Your Business Again

Someone once said to me …

“Starting a business is like falling in love. It’s exciting at first. Then the honeymoon starts to fade and you start to see it isn’t all roses and chocolate.”

It’s true, running your business comes with boring back-office tasks, tech issues and challenging clients.

Thankfully, rekindling the romance for your business can happen … and it starts with rethinking the way you work (and how your business works).

Even when the glow begins to fade, running your business can feel like a love-affair if you do a few things to make it that way.

Here are three things to get you started down that path …


Making things run easier means streamlining repeatable processes to make your business FEEL good again.

My clients love it when we systemize tasks to make their business more efficient. They have an instant sense of relief because all the steps related to how-things-get-done were trapped in their heads.

Boosting workflow and removing bottlenecks can feel oh-so-good. It starts by quitting doing things the hard way and instead, putting in simple structures to create a sustainable business that’s easy to love running.


True, handing over tasks can feel difficult. There are many reasons entrepreneurs resist … until they do it once successfully and experience how good it feels!

Delegating is the fastest path to experiencing joy in your daily routine … and getting rid of tasks you find tedious makes your business feel easier. It opens up space so you’re able to connect to your full potential, show up at your best, and be in your brilliance more.

BE Creative

Every entrepreneur wakes up thinking …

Today is the day I’ll work ON my business, and not IN my business.

But the emails, the admin, and all of those loose ends drain your energy and cause those high hopes to fizzle fast.

Creativity is an essential nutrient for entrepreneurs. It’s part of our DNA. Making room for it in your schedule is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Creativity brings energy that’s full of fun, light, and joy!

(Side note: Not making space for creativity caused me to burn out of my web consulting business.)

Rekindling that spark may feel like tiring. Your first step is to ask yourself …

How might I reconnect with the pure excitement I felt for my business?”

=> Perhaps it’s by simplifying with systems.

=> Perhaps it’s by delegating the tedious work off your plate.

=> Perhaps it’s by making space for creativity.

Although bringing back that spark may feel unattainable right now … what I know from working with entrepreneurs like you is this …

There’s nothing that can’t be overcome!

If you want to fall in love with your business again, let’s have a chat to explore how I can support you on your journey.

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See you next time,

P.S. If you want to fall in love with your business again, let’s have a chat to explore how I can support you on your journey. Book a free Clarity Call and let’s map out the next steps to co-creating the elegant, small and mighty business that’s waiting for you!

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