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Feeling strapped for time? Read this!

You know the expression …There just aren’t enough hours in the day?

Whenever I hear people say this, I often wonder what they would do with more time … cram in more work or take a long walk in the park?

If I asked you what you’d do with more time, how would you answer?

Likely, it would depend on how you view time.

When it comes to thinking about time … there are two perspectives from which to choose: 

  1. You don’t have enough of it (scarcity mindset).
  2. You have lots of time (abundance mindset).

If you chose option 1, you’re in good company. Most people feel like they’re always running out of time.

The reality is this …

If you want to feel good when you work,  it’s essential to have a time abundance mindset.

Here’s why …

When you approach your time with a scarcity mindset, you feel agitated and angry that you couldn’t get enough done in your day, it’s difficult to focus, procrastination sets in and distractions run rampant.

These aren’t the ingredients necessary for you to do your best work.

When time feels expansive, you can focus, breathe, and do your best work. 

What if I told you … you have more time than you think.

Here’s a simple math equation to show you.

You have 168 hours in a week. Assuming you sleep 7 hours/night and work 10 hours a day …

You’re left with 62 hours a week … now that’s a lot of time! 

Imagine what you would do with that time …

  • Connect with family and friends.
  • Read a book.
  • Start a passion project.

The list is endless and your time FEELS truly expansive.

Can you feel the shift in your energy imagining time as abundant?

The beauty is … it’s up to you to decide how you’ll view time.

As you warm up to the week ahead …

How would it feel to adopt a time abundance mindset, where you see more than enough hours in your day? 

Here’s to working with focus and flow …

See you next time,

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