Many faces of courage

The Many Faces of Courage

Recently, I was reminded of the true meaning of courage through the acts of everyday heroes.

It was the 93-year-old woman who attended an event full of people considerably younger. Yet she sparkled, laughed and joined the conversation. 

It was the entrepreneur who stepped away from her business for a month even though she was afraid she’d lose her clients. Yet they remained and held her as a role model for self-kindness. 

It was the son who stood up to his father even though he knew his words would hurt. Yet his message was heard and the relationship restored. 

These are all acts of courage among the everyday heroes around me. 

They showed me how often courage quietly turns up in unexpected places and faces.

Perhaps you think of courage as slaying dragons and leaping tall buildings.

It’s no wonder, given these are the feats that get noticed.

Often the everyday courageous acts go unnoticed and unappreciated.

They fly past as you move on to the next challenge to be faced … the next dragon to be slayed.

Let’s change that story because …

Courage has many faces.

What if you stopped for a moment to appreciate the courage within you?

What if you stepped out of the busy to remind those around you how courageous they are?

As you warm up for the week ahead …

How will you recognize courage in the many faces around you, including your own?

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