How structure can set you free

How Structure Can Set You Free

How often have you heard people exclaim how much they want to achieve their priorities, yet balk at the idea of bringing structure in to help.

I hear it all the time, yet often it’s followed by a list of reasons as to why structure won’t work for them. I hear things like …

  • It will stifle my creativity.
  • I feel trapped when things are too planned out.
  • I’d rather just go with the flow.

Which of these resonates with you?

Perhaps you’ve also resisted the idea of bringing structure into your day.

In my view, structure has received a bad rap.

Some have turned it into a demon that preys upon unsuspecting entrepreneurs and sucks the creativity from their very soul.

Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it makes a point.

Here’s what I know after working with hundreds of overstretched and overwhelmed entrepreneurs …

Structure isn’t about having you DO more … it’s about allowing you to BE more.

It’s about ensuring you’re setting yourself up for a successful day by reserving space for what’s important. 

That may be exercise, reading, listening to music.

Equally important is space to accomplish your work, network with peers, and yes … answer emails.

Structure exists whether we like it or not. We all incorporate some form of structure in our days … even if it’s disguised as something else.

A ritual, habit, routine … these are all rooted in structure.

The most famous creatives all had structure to their day …

The artist Joan Miro rose at 6 am, bathed and had breakfast before he settled in front of his easel to paint until noon. After which he made plenty of time for exercise.

Mozart was most creative in the morning, so this time was always reserved for composing his music. Afternoons were for menial tasks and in the evening, he always played his piano.

Oprah blends the same 8 things into her day to structure it for success, both personally and professionally.

Structure allows your work and personal life to co-exist in harmony.

Rather than banish structure … embrace it and allow it to help you bring focus and flow to your daily rhythm.

I invite you to you consider …

How will you add structure into your days this week?

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