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3 Easy Ways to Work ON Your Business This Summer…

I was driving through my neighbourhood the other day and I was struck by how many people are fixing up their homes. Our next-door neighbour is putting in new windows, the people behind us are building a deck … and we’re getting ready to update our bathroom.

Summer is a time when people naturally start to upgrade their surroundings … and it’s a prime time for business owners to work ON their businesses.

During these quieter months, consider doing some renovations and upgrades to your business.

Here are a few things I’ll be working on this summer. My intention of sharing them with you is that it will spark your imagination and create momentum.

Refresh Your Brand

This summer I’ll be working on updating the Built to SOAR brand. I’m not doing this myself. I’ve enlisted the brilliant and creative brain of Lisa Haggis from Realize Your Marketing.

Doing this kind of deep work requires time for some hardcore reflection as my brand is transformed into something incredible and memorable.

While you may not be doing a full brand refresh, you can definitely take a look at your own brand right now and do some tweaking, such as …

  • Reviewing your social media and creating some on-brand content
  • Taking some updated photos of yourself
  • Revitalizing your website

These are some simple ways to give your business brand a refresh this summer.

Streamline Your Systems

As you may know, I’m a big believer in systems and the power they have to leverage your time and energy. 

I have a lot of systems in my business, but that doesn’t mean they’re running perfectly. I’m going to review each system, update and improve them, so they flow seamlessly. And there are a few new systems I’ll be bringing into my business too.

If you’re new to system creation, start by documenting how you welcome new clients into your business. This is a simple system … and the steps are likely taking up space in your brain. 

Learn Your Tools

I’ve been using Teamwork as my project management tool for many years. What I love about it is they are always improving it and adding new features. The downside is I’m usually too focused on working with my clients to take time to learn these new features.

That changes this summer. I’ve reserved a few mornings where I’ll see how I can apply these features to improve how I get things done in my business.

Maybe you’ve invested in some tech tools and haven’t had the time to fully learn them.

Use the summer slowdown to explore your tech further. Watch the training videos, read the blogs, or just explore and play.

That way when September rolls around, you’ll be an expert!

I invite you to consider some things you can do this summer to help you work ON your business. Will you refresh your brand, streamline your systems or learn your tech tools?

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