outdoor office oasis Built to SOAR

Create Your Outdoor Office Oasis

Fresh air and sunshine help boost your productivity, improve your mood and expand your attention.

What better time to move your office outside than in the summer. I make a point of working outside as much as I can, as do so many of my clients.

Is this true for you as well?

If so, or you’re curious about how to make this happen, there are a few things that will set you up for success …

.. and you don’t need a big backyard to make it happen. You can use your patio, deck, balcony or even a picnic table in a park.

Here are five simple ways to create your outdoor office oasis:

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

While I love the sound of birds chirping, at times I can still hear traffic, construction, and my neighbours’ music blaring. That’s a big distraction from my work. So I just put on my noise-cancelling headphones and the problem is solved. It’s amazing how these headphones also help me hone in my focus. Sometimes I wear them even when there isn’t any noise around!

2. WiFi Booster

The internet signal in my backyard is weak and often cuts out. I invested in a WiFi expander, which was super simple to set up.  Now my signal is just as strong outside as it is inside.  My work flows without the distraction of the Connection Lost message, flashing on my computer screen.

3. Laptop Sunshade

Staring at your computer screen for hours on end is hard on your eyes, and deplets your focus and energy. Add to that the glare of the sun on your computer screen, and the next thing you know you’re rubbing your strained, red eyes. Using a laptop sunshade prevents eye strain because it casts a protective shadow on your screen and allows your eyes to relax as your work.

4. Ergonomic Set Up

Working outside can be a pleasure to your senses, but it can be stressful on your body. Make sure your setup supports your body and you’re comfortable while working. A chair with back support, a table that’s sized correctly and a laptop that’s at eye level will all prevent strain and injury. 

5. Portable Charger

My laptop is nearing the end of its life, and it doesn’t take much for the battery to drain. If this sounds familiar and running an extension cords isn’t an option, consider using a portable charger or laptop bank. These devices are lightweight and compact, so they don’t take up a lot of space while you’re working.

These are five ways you can take your work outdoors to help boost your creativity and productivity.

Which one will you try?

Some of my clients had additional ideas:

  • A canopy umbrella to provide shade and privacy.
  • Water feature – provides a tranquil sounds and anchors your focus
  • An outdoor rug makes it feel more comfortable and clean.
  • A snack-filled picnic basket makes working in the park a joy.

I invite you to consider how you might take your work outdoors and enjoy these sunny summer days, while getting your important work done.