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Spring Clean Your Business – Part 3

Over 70% of all clients leave a business for its competition because of the poor level of client care offered. 

When I read that stat it blew me away because creating an exceptional client experience is so simple yet so often overlooked.

Clients are the heart of your business, and it’s up to you to make sure they feel special and supported every step of the way.

The bump in the road comes when doing so is completely manual. As I often say …

 Manual tasks are the first to slip through the cracks.

There’s one part of the client experience that I always recommend automating, and that’s welcoming clients.

Welcoming new clients used to be completely manual for me, now most of it is automated right off my TO DO list.

Everything from emailing a Welcome Message, sending a card or gift … right through to scheduling their coaching sessions.

All of that used to take hours for each client, and quite honestly some of the steps were either delayed or forgotten. 

The emails are templated, I’ve chosen the welcome gift, and coaching sessions are put into my online scheduler so clients can self-book.

Now that I’ve automated the way I welcome clients the system runs itself with nothing slipping through the cracks, and little effort from me. 

In my upcoming Automate Your Business Bootcamp, I’ve gifted a Client Welcome System Kit to all registrants. If you’d like to come and get your System Kit, click the link below.

Let’s make sure your clients always feel special and become loyal, raving fans. 

So I ask you …

What part of your Client Welcome System will you try automating?

That is your next step to building a business that’s built to soar.

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