feel motivated by deadlines

How to Feel Motivated By Deadlines

Remember in school, pulling all-nighters to finish those projects that were assigned weeks ago?

Promising yourself next time would be different … that you wouldn’t put yourself through that kind of stress again?

Or maybe feeling like you need the stress to push yourself to get things done?

Whatever your relationship is with deadlines, there’s one thing that holds true … every task has a due date attached. 

Many people I work with and talk to say they’re driven by deadlines. Without the adrenalin rush that comes with a due date, things sit languishing on their TO DO list.

Especially now while we’re in a global pandemic, perhaps like many, you’ve found your priorities postponed and you catch yourself drifting along.

As brighter days come into focus when it comes to the COVID pandemic, there’s a realization that it’s time to step on the gas pedal and get your languishing projects moving along.

This came up in my SkyHigh Mastermind. One of my client’s shared that she realized it was time to “get on with it” and move forward on some of her tasks that she had put on the back burner.

When deadlines are far in the future, the tendency to procrastinate increases.

It’s because you see that task as not urgent (even if it is important) so you turn your attention to things you perceive as being more immediate. 

For example, you may not write your monthly newsletter at the beginning of the month so you can get it done, instead opting to write it the day before it’s supposed to go out.

When the deadline is far off on the horizon, that task seems non-urgent … and so you may prefer to do something that brings you a more immediate sense of completion, like responding to emails.  

Feeling that sense of completion is a powerful pull to any task.

So how will you use deadlines to help you accomplish your work faster, more efficiently and with less stress?

By using goal gradients to show you how you’re progressing.

Rather than binge-working on the task, you have goal gradients that show how you’re advancing toward getting to done.   

This triggers your focus because you can see the end in sight. Your motivation for getting it done is heightened and you start to feel the energy boost that comes with completion.

If you know you’re 80% done, the drive to achieve the last 20% is a motivator.

(PS Netflix uses this psychology with how far along you are in completing your binging your favourite show.)

Deadlines can be a productivity motivator instead of a dreaded drain on your energy … if used carefully and with intention.

So I invite you to consider, how will you measure your progress toward your deadlines  to positively boost your drive to get your work done?

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