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Spring Clean Your Business – Part 1

Spring has sprung … and as the weather changes, you may be joining the throngs of others who instinctively start to clean, organize and declutter their surroundings.

While the idea of Spring Cleaning typically refers to your home, I invite you to consider how you’ll do the same for your business.

In this 3-part series, let’s spring clean your business and remove those tasks that are cluttering up your workload.  Instead of vacuuming and dusting …. we’re going to do it through the power of automation.

First up … let’s remove the time-consuming task of scheduling and rescheduling appointments, meetings and sales calls.

Have you been curious about online scheduling tools but have resisted because you’re not clear how it would benefit your business?

Or maybe you feel that having that type of automation will take away the personal touch.

It’s natural to feel that way whenever you use technology to replace a human face or voice.

Many of my clients felt the exact same way before I showed them how an online scheduler could actually help, rather than hurt, their business.

There’s no doubt, an online scheduler will save you time and energy.

I recently read a survey that said businesses spend 5 hours a week scheduling meetings. That’s six weeks a year for the simple task of figuring out a good time to meet.

Here are 3 ways you can use an online scheduler to free up those 5 hours a week you may be using for scheduling. 

1. Automate Booking Meetings

Use an online scheduler when someone wants to book a meeting with you. That could be a prospect, a client or a colleague.

Rather than doing the email dance, where you each randomly throw out times and see if they stick … with an online scheduler, they can pick a date and time that’s convenient for them based on your availability. 

2. Automate Meeting Reminders

What I love most about online schedulers is the ability to set-and-forget meeting reminders. For every meeting booked, the person on the other end gets a friendly reminder from you the day before. I have peace of mind knowing they have all the details to show up promptly so we can get down to business.

3. Automate Rescheduling Meetings

Before my online scheduler became a staple in my business, countless time, money and energy went into rescheduling meetings. The back-and-forth emails caused delays and frustration (on both my and the other person’s part.)

Instead, to reschedule their meeting they simply go to the appointment in their calendar, click the Reschedule This Meeting link in the appointment details, and they’ll see my availability. No more waiting for a response from me, which may cause frustrating delays.

Automating your scheduling is definitely a win-win situation all around.

If you want to discover more ways you can declutter your TO DO list by automating away the busywork … join my upcoming Automate Your Business Bootcamp.

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