Following up with leads

Spring Clean Your Business – Part 2

Following up with leads is easier than you think

I have a big patch of dirt in my backyard.

It’s been like that for a couple of years.

This year, we decided we would put sod down so it didn’t look like a big muck hole.

We started the process of getting quotes. Here’s how that went down …

The first person was prompt, polite, knew the details of what I wanted because beforehand he asked and wrote it down, and provided a quote quickly.

The second person asked me to remind him what I wanted done, he provided a quote a couple of days later.

The third vendor never called me back.

Three different scenarios that have one thing in common.

No one followed up with me.

The result was this … money was left on the table and the sales experience with each of them wasn’t great. 

Many clients I work for resist following up because the task of doing so slips through the cracks and falls to the bottom of the task list.

Can you relate? You’re not alone … we’ve all been there.

Here’s what I know … the fortune is the follow up.

When you automate following up, it makes the whole process run smoothly … and, dare I say, effortlessly.

Here’s some ways for you to start automating following up with your leads.

Use a CRM (customer relationship management) app to track your leads and tasks. When you use a CRM nothing falls through the cracks because the remembering is out of your head and in a place you can see it.  Some ask me, can’t I just use a spreadsheet. Yes, however, the automations available to you are limited. Using a spreadsheet means more manual tasks for you to do.

Create templated follow up emails. Always having to think about what to write is one of the reasons you may not be following up with your leads.  When these are templated, you don’t have to think about what to write, it’s already been done and you can customize the details.

Be creative. Take that extra step to differentiate you from the others. You could send a text messenger video email thanking them for the opportunity. Some business owners I’ve worked with send a thank you postcard, even if they didn’t win the business.

The best part with these ideas is they can easily be automated.

There are many ways for you to streamline how you follow up with leads, ways that don’t involve a bunch of manual tasks by you. 

I take my SkyHigh Mastermind clients through a very simple, streamlined follow-up process that helps them stay on top of their sales funnel.

The key is to start small and build from there.

So I ask you …

What’s one thing you will do to automate how you follow up with leads.

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