hidden talents

Uncovering Your Hidden Talents

A silver lining to the pandemic has been watching many people re-engage with their hidden talents.

Perhaps this resonates with you.

Back when you were a kid, was there something you loved to do more than anything in the world.

It may have been playing soccer, art, cooking, music … think back to those days when time felt abundant.

Growing up often causes those passions and interests to be pushed aside … and often forgotten.

“I’ll do that when I have time.” or “I’m too busy for a hobby.”  Those become common phrases … even mantras for ambitious business owners.

And now with people staying at home more … I’ve heard from so many clients who have rediscovered something they loved to do … or started a passion project.

For me … I rediscovered playing the piano. Something I haven’t done in years. And I’m dabbling in candle making!

My daughter … taught herself the guitar … and she is amazing at it!

A client has started drawing, something she did as a child and now it’s helping her get through the lockdown.

I wonder what hidden talent lies inside of you?  

Maybe ideas are whispering to you even now.

I invite you to close your eyes and open yourself to your ideas … what hidden talent would emerge.

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