accountability is vital

Why Accountability Is Vital To Your Business

What would change for you if your business goals were guaranteed to come true?

As a serious entrepreneur, you’ve mapped out your goals, you’ve set out the action steps to get you there and motivational memes adorn your vision board.

You’re set up for success.

And then life happens and throws everything into disarray. 

As a result … your goals collect dust, the action steps are piled into you TO DO list and those motivational memes have lost their impact.

And so begins the year of false starts for so many business owners.

This was such a familiar situation for me in my own business. Starting strong and fizzling out became a pattern. Every spring I’d start again, promising myself that this time it would be different. I just needed a fresh start.

I kept feeding myself the same excuses … I had no time or energy to work on those goals that once excited me.

I felt beat up by my business.

Working for yourself has so many benefits, and so many pitfalls.

The benefits I cherished were the rush when a new idea popped up and started the creative juices flowing. As entrepreneurs, we’re so good at the idea piece, right?

That’s why creating goals feels fun – yet implementing them feels like a chore.

You see, we entrepreneurs also get bored easily. When you see the long list of action items, you feel the creative juices draining away.

The good news is I’ve discovered a cure for false starts and abandoned goals.


It’s such a powerful part of your business, yet it’s often either forgotten or non-existent.

In fact, without accountability, 90% of the goals you created at the beginning of the year will fade away.

I’ve had that happen in my business on numerous occasions.

For many years in a row, I was setting the same annual goals because I hadn’t achieved them the year prior!

And then accountability came into my business … and that’s when the magic happened.

Suddenly, it wasn’t just me anymore. I had someone else holding me accountable to the goals I was setting.

There was someone else checking up on my progress.

And there was a hidden benefit.

By surrounding myself with other business owners who were just as committed as I was to bring their goals to life, I felt a powerful motivational force stir within me.

And that fueled the action I started taking.

How can you bring accountability into your business? It comes in many forms:

  • hiring a coach or mentor
  • having a business buddy
  • joining a mastermind group

Whatever form accountability takes for you, it’s worth the effort and in some cases … the investment.

Accountability will help you start and finish your year strong.

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