Business Blahs

What to Do When You Have the Business Blahs

Remember the days when you thought having your own business would be a non-stop good time?

Then reality hit and it seems (especially now) you dread getting down to work. 

Most days the thought of your business may feel more like “meh” instead of magnificent!

I’ve been hearing this a lot from my clients and colleagues who are trying to put the passion back in their businesses during these turbulent times.

It’s no surprise if you’re feeling this way too. Trying to run your business while navigating the pandemic, lockdowns and distractions at home.  

Some days it all seems like too much, right?

Here’s something that has helped boost me out of my business funk … and I learned it from a comedian many years ago.

Of course, she wasn’t talking about business in her monologue … she was talking about getting married … but the same technique can be applied to your business.

Her wedding day was fast approaching. She knew that marriage has many highs and lows, and that one day she’d wonder why she ever married her husband.

So, she decided to write a letter to herself before she exchanged vows, listing the many reasons why she decided he was “the one.” Whenever she questioned her decision, she would pull out the letter and be reminded of the joy and passion she felt.

I decided to apply this to my business.

I wrote a letter to myself about the reasons why I decided to become an entrepreneur. 

Whenever I feel the business blahs set in … I take out that letter and I’m transported back 20 years, when I decided to go it on my own.

Here’s the letter …

Dear Valeri,

It’s so exciting that you’re starting your own business … even if you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. At least you already have some clients. That’s a huge plus.

Finally, you don’t have to be distracted by office politics (remember when you had to work with that slacker who conned everyone into thinking he was a super star)! No more of that! And no more working with clients who are disrespectful and bullies.

Nope. Now you get to choose the clients you work with.

You also now have the space to let your creative juices flow. Your business will become an extension of you … your values and vision. Through your business your mission will be put out into the world. That is SO EXCITING!

AND … you get to work from home which means you can be with the kids more as they grow up (which I’ve heard goes by fast.) And you can walk Jasper in the afternoon and not feel like the boss is judging you for taking a long lunch. 

Vacations will be abundant because as the boss, you get at least 6 weeks of holidays.

What’s so exciting is that finally you get to set the direction of your professional life. There will be highs and lows, I know this to be true. But you’ll get through them. Right now, I don’t know exactly how that will happen. But you can always pull out the letter and remember why you started your business in the first place. So that you could have a business you loved and a full life that was on your own terms.

Remember that. Especially when you feel like it’s too hard.

Remember why you started this amazing business … and keep going because it will be great.

Yours truly,

~ Valeri

I invite you to sit down, close your eyes and go back to the day you started your business. Write a letter to yourself from that point in time. And keep that letter close to your heart.

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